Help My cables are too tight

I just received two pair of TMC interconnects tonight.
They are RCA terminated and they are so tight, I can't
get them to fit? Anyone else run into this? What should
I do?
Are they terminated with locking RCA plugs? (I'm not familiar with this cable, but it sounds like your problem) The insulated cover over the outer shield part of the plug should unscrew if it is a locking plug. Back it off a few turns, plug it in, then retighten until it locks. Hope that's the problem...and cure!
Thanks Fatparrot! I figured that out after I posted this
thread! I've never had locking RCA's before, and now
I know!
I have the TMC cables and you do need to unscrew the locking covers partway to slide them over the female RCA plugs. They should have no problem unless your plugs are recessed (the locking covers are fat and will not always fit in the wholes aroung recessed plugs. TMC has a FAQ page on their website with some installation tips.
I almost had the same experience with my Harmonic Technology Pro Silway IIs. Luckily for me when I first got the cables the twist locks were on loose, so it was obvious that they were made for tightening after plugging them in.
I tried an MIT digital cable one time, which had locking rca plugs. Even backed off all the way, I hardly could get it on and off. Aside from not liking how it sounded, I was worried I was going to damage my equipment!