Help my analog sound as good as my streaming

Hi all - total newcomer here, really enjoying the forum and looking for some advice.

Relevant details: Pro-ject Debut Carbon EVO w/ stock Sumiko Rainer cartridge, into a Hegel H95 via a Parasound Zphono XRM. It sounds great-ish, but doesn’t blow me away like Qobuz via Bluesound Node 2i into the Hegel DAC. I’ll acknowledge that this entire system has a lot of room to improve in the eyes of many here - while I suppose I’ll eventually want to upgrade, I am absolutely thrilled with the streaming sound for now. 
Question: is the cartridge the weak link here, or am I expecting too much out of the PDC EVO? If the former, does the Ortofon Bronze seem a good option?

Many thanks for any suggestions/thoughts!
For a given analog set up, there are three VERY CRITICAL  points for consideration.  First is setup, Second is setup.  Third is setup.  
Everyone can have an opinion and some are may be more valuable to you than others.

Perhaps mine may be constructive.

I initially created my 2 channel stereo as a purely analog experience.  I used an NAD C375 BEE integrated amp and connected a Dual turntable and a Parasound tape deck.

I have a few hundred albums from the 70-90s as well as numerous cassette tapes.

I found the listening experience enjoyable.  I even upgraded my turntable to a Rega RP1.

Then about 2 years ago I added a Node 2i to the system.  It was significantly different and one specific area it was different was the volume was significantly louder (the internal preamp in the NAD is entry level).  I also found it easier to access more music from streaming.

Ultimately, I have updated my system including my turntable and I will say they are different and my goal in updating my turntable was to create a listening experience that was an acceptable alternative to my streaming sources.

I'm very happy with my Rega P8 and truly enjoy listening to a variety of records including new pressings.  Does it sound better than streaming - perhaps to some and maybe not to others.  But an improved analog system will provide a lower noise floor (it's quiet where my previous turntable provided some low level hum), better dynamic response (partially due to the quieter operation) and finally the music information doesn't require conversion.

I listen to streaming music about 50% of the time - it's more convenient when others are present.  Listening to records is something I will often do alone because I find it relaxing.

What ever you decide to do - it's your choice and I hope you get enjoyment out of it.  Previous folks comments about the impact of a table, cartridge and phono stage are accurate - they are things to consider if you wish to go on an upgrade path.
What rocks your world in digital will never be found in Analog.
You are that type of listener.
Go for the cartridge! I have a Project EVO carbon 10. I now use a Sound Smith cartridge. Had the Grace F9e. They are similar in design. Peter worked with Sumiko/Ortofon to help them develop phono cartridges years ago. Find one in your budget. You will be amazed. You do not need to change to DD turntable. Each type has its advantages.
Couple of things though:
lt’s Really important to coordinate the compliance of the arm with the compliance of the phono cartridge! On their site, Ortofon has a little program that will help you with that. Input the compliances’ to find the resonance of the two components. if you’re OCD find the formula to actually calculate that. You can find the Exact residence for two.
Secondly, The rake angle and VTF must be ‘perfect’. Make adjustments by SQ after checking with instruments. I have found that using playing cards to adjust the rake angle works very well. Even the thickness of a single playing card will make a difference. Experiment! Check out the videos on these topics on Sound Smith on YouTube. Peter is very knowledgeable and willing to share what he knows.
Almost everybody here says that for the same amount of money, analog sounds better. honestly I don’t know because I don’t stream. It’s the people here that have said that, not me.
Play analog!
Michael Lent

There must be something about vinyl and I missed it.  I had a Technique turntable back in the 70's and purchased a $300 cartridge.  When I started buying $30 master recorded vinyl, I could really hear the difference.  However, getting off the sofa, having to wash the record took a lot of time.  I just isn't as convenient.  However, I saw a $20,000 turn table at the RMAF that was lit by a small spot light and it was just beautiful.  However, how many have $20,000 to spend on just a turn table.  It still was beautiful no matter how you cut it.