Help My AC line voltage is 128V

I have recently tested the line voltage reading out from my AC lines. They read 128V ! Knowing that 128V is almost 10% more than the standard 117V and most components inside the equipments have a 5% tolerance only. Would this unusual high voltage damage my equipments? Even though I have all my stuffs hooked onto a delicated line but when my wife uses the washing machine, the power reading jump slight up and down... This is a power spike at a high 128V... Sounds dangerous to me... I now have a habit of unplugging them everytime I finished and I am getting frustrated at this. Will getting a voltage stabilizer help? PS Audio P600 or the Monster Cable stuff?
Power companies deliver voltages from 114 to 126 volts, which is the accepted tolerance. The higher voltages are delivered when transmission line lossed are expected so that the customer furthest away will get 120 volts or so. Also, the utility voltage is RMS - which means that at 120 volts you receive peak voltages of 170 volts. If your voltage meter is not a true RMS type, then the readings you get may not be reliable.

The best thing to do is contact the utility and express in no uncertain terms you have high voltage and are concerned. Let them make the call - as they are ultimately liable and responsible. I would also call an electrician who knows the area and see if what you have is common in the neighborhood.

An true overvoltage condition is above 132 volts rms for an extended period. This level will most likely do damage to sensitive electronics. But most electrical equipment with UL ratings are designed to operate within an accepted utilization voltage range of 104 to 127 volts. I wouldn't say 128v is not a dangerous situation - but one of concern that should be checked out by the utility or an electrician to make sure there's nothing other than utility-derived overvoltage.
Yeah, what GS said. I had the same situation and the power company retapped the transformer on the pole outside my house to bring it down.
Oh so 128V is pretty usual thing in some area because at least Herman had the comapny turned it down for him. My light bulbs in my house keep blowing and this is getting ridicurous! I spend almost $10.00 on light bulbs every 3-5 months! At least 1 light bulb blows in every 2-4 weeks! I suspect the spike kills them all the time. I will try to contact ConEd to either "show me" that it's is okay or tapped down the trans. like what they did to Hermans' neighborhood.
Waiting for more inputs before calling ConEd on Wednesday. Who else has a measuring of 128V? Would a regenerator like PS Audio P600 or Monster Cable Voltage Stabilizer do some help? I have two 20 amp delicated lines and I want the purest possible so I don't want to add anything unless I have to... If the power from the delicated lines are clean enough I prefer not to add any stablizer / regenerator...

The choices are:
If the delicated line's power is clean enough, I prefer not to get a regenerator / stabillizer and will call ConEd to fix the problem.

If the power fromt he delicated lines are not clean (let's say at least 90% clean?) I will then get a PS Audio P600, Monster Cable Volytage Stabilizer or an Exact Power EP-15... which steps down the voltage to 120V and cleans the power at the same time... If so, which unit above is the best? or do you have anything else to suggest?

I blew a few tubes on my Manley gear. Their engineers suggested voltage stabilization. I am using a Monster av2000 and a Hydra 8 for conditioning. I haven't had a problem yet and the sound is improved.
Extremely happy with my PS Audio regenerators. Have the PS600 for my integrated, PS500 for the digital front end.
Holds the voltage rock solid.
Michael Wolff
Thanks Michael, for the input. I am thinking about getting 2 P600s but space and sir circulations might not allow this. Are they HOT HOT?
My P600 powers a 200 watt per channel amp along with two REL Storm III subs and I am known to shake the walls ocassionaly. Medium warm, I would say. Nothing like a Class A amp temperature that's for sure.
I see... These monster are huge, they are like an 500W monoblock... Now I got the temperature problem put aside, I have to consider getting a new rack with a higher clearance (for the bottom shelves) just for them two. I will keep you guys updated with the result for using the P600. Heard about the Exact Power stuffs and Balanced Power stuffs, they pack the same feature (voltage stabilizing + conditioning) in such a smaller box, are they anthing good when compared to P600?
I had the power plant for 2 weeks and didn't care for the sound. I believe you can still get a 30 day trial period so you can check for yourself. I do like the idea of the Monster displaying the constant changes in the voltage. I sometimes have immediate swings of 7 volts! I plug all components into the Hydra8 and then plug the hydra into the monster avs2000. A big and open soundstage is the benefits.