help...muddy sound from 834p

sonic frontiers line 1
sonic frontiers power 1
shure vmr15
infinity overture 3

I have motif mp-11 pre that sounds great...but wanted to try tube phono pre....and no good....noisy and muddy in my treble or range...any suggestions?
Are your tubes in the Phono Pre good?? That sounds like a bad tube somewhere... or check the polarity of the power cord if it is hard wired and 2 prong as with most phono stages...
Just a thought...
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Are you using the original EAR tubes? They sound like what you'd described. And a used Kimber PK14 will help.
muddy may reflect the following problems:

1) too much tubes
2) cable connection
3) speaker efficiency

Suggest you to check the above first.
thanks for the suggestions. Any way to check for bad tubes other than putting on one of those tube tester machines