help---moving to sound front/dock in nc

wondering what extra precautions i need to be this close to water/humidity ect---have been living 5 miles inland and gound floor now8 to 10 feet above sea level---2nd floor will be stereo---two mccormick 125 mccormick pre and vandy 3asig--any extra precations---room will have strong light all day long moving from one side to other---
De-humidifier is obvious. Also the briefest exposure to seawater is instant death to electronics. My basic questions would be what is the predicted 100 year storm height, including wave-run-up? If ground floor is at 0 and 2nd floor is at 8', you are probably well below storm surge + wave run-up and the least of your worries will be your stereo gear. So I guess, get the best flood insurance you can find. Sorry to rant, but construction/occupation of flood-prone areas is publically subsidized via a government backed flood insurance and its not a cost I think that the rest of society should bear.