HELP Monitor speakers for vintage components????

I'm the original owner of a Sony TA-N 86B Amp and TA-E 86B preamp, which I am having completely overhauled by a vintage audio expert. My turntable is a Denon DP-1250 with a Technics EPA 100 tonearm and Grado Blue cartridge. The Cambridge Audio Azur 640C CD player is relatively new, as is the B&W ASW-610 subwoofer.

I'm looking for some suggestions for monitor speakers under $1000/pair that would go well with these electronics. I did own Spendor S3/5s for awhile and loved them, but they might be out of my price range.

SO....what do you thinK?

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Check the Stereophile Review, if anything the reviewer is understating how good they are.
JBL 4312 in mint condition can be found for half your budget. They're outstanding.
If you liked the SPENDORs with their particular signature sound, has a bunch of used ones listed for approx. 400 + Euros used + shipping.
You can also get USA new/demos for $US1200 ($1800 new)

I've had both the TOTEM ARROS and FORESTS in prior systems (both now long gone) and IMO and experiences --- for sure --- any TOTEM product will be much more fussy about accompanying equipment and also result in a radically different signature sound that that "classic British" SPENDOR sound you like ..... Not even close .....

Your takeaway: if you liked the SPENDORs, either go get 'em again or substitute with a close relative British speaker manufacturer. e.g.: Tannoy, KEF, ATC, REGA, just to name a few in a crowded arena of competing products.

Of course, you already know that (1) system synergy matters big-time, and; (2) you cannot escape the basic tenet in this hobby: you get what you pay for.
I have owned the Spendors and I thought they were a great little speaker. You should be able to get a used pair for under $700. Just be patient and a pair will come up!
Be patient and snatch a used pair of Totem Acoustic Model 1.
SO....what do you thinK?

I think you should go out and audition as many monitor speakers within your budget as you can to find the speaker that's best for you. Questions like yours usually result in a popularity poll and you will get recommendations about what speakers someone has or wants to have.

Looks like a tie between Totem and Spendor.
Kiko65, I own both Dreamcatchers and Totem Model 1 Signatures, in many ways the Dreamcathers are better,more transparent for a start.Can't match the harmonics on the Signature 1's but close enough to keep the extra 1500$ in your pocket.
I'll make a bold statement that will confirm I'm crazy, Dreamcatchers actually give a better sense of the recorded hall on symphonic music than my buddies Magico 5's !
And I've been in most of the halls.
I really like my Tekton 6.5t monitors. Eric does not list them any more as a current product but he might be able to make some for you.
No contest: KEL LS50s. Yes, they retail for $1495/pr. but can easily be found for $1300 or less. Stretch your budget just a wee bit and get the best monitors available today.

If you really cannot exceed $1,000, look for the KEF Q300s - awesome speakers for about $480/pr....

ATC SCM 11 (2003) stand mounts

What HiFi 5Star rating

"... Our Verdict

Best standmounter £800-£1500, Awards 2013. ATC has struck gold again. These are the most talented standmounters anywhere near this price


Versatile, balanced sound
Smooth and subtle with fine power and weight
Insightful, expressive vocals ...


Nothing of note ...."

Check with John Rutan at Audio Connection in Verona NJ. He has a very nice pair of used vintage LSA monitors. He is having the drivers rebuilt and will more than likely sell them within your budget.
Thanks Schubert,
I have to respect your judgement because I have not auditioned the Dreamcatchers. Saving the extra $$$$$ will make sense provided they are that good. I used to own the Model 1's for many years and they were really, really good. Too bad I sold them :-(

Now rating the Dreamcatchers over the Magico 5's.............that's another story I will not dare to comment on :-)