Help ML 380s Owners. Volume knob Quit Working

I can only adjuct volume by the remote. I spoke to Harman group and they gave me the reset sequence. It still is frozen at whatever volume my remote left it at. I think its from power glitches? any suggestions??? cant afford to mail it in right now as business is quite poor at the moment. thanks chuck
I had the same problem with my ML 380. I sent it to the Service Bench and they replaced the volume control card. It works fine now. I think this a common problem with the ML pre-amps.
The Serivce Bench charged about $1200.00 to fix it, but they also replace all the caps and fuses.
Joe Nies
These guys also service Mark Levinson. Don't send it to Harmon, imo...They aren't Madrigal Labs unfortunately.

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Note to self...use remote for majority of volume needs on my 380S...
I had the volume control board changed at my local M.L. dealer for $220 on my #380S , and they lent me a REF #32 in the mean time .