help me with the name....

my dad has a all glass turntable. He thinks it's maybe a williams. Has anyone heard of that or maybe have an idea of what it might be? U.K made he thinks as well.
Transcriptor Skeleton ?
From the UK, it's likely the Mitchell GyroDec.....
Good one Fail.
Most likely a Transcriptor Skeleton which was made by Mitchell. The easiest way to know is: 1-are there 5 tiny black buttons on top of points that the album sits on? 2-If I recall, the tonearm had a guidewire/line on it.
The table is nice. I had one side by side with my Sota and t sounded nice, clean and open. The glass probably is a poor choice for a cabinet vs less resonant materials. Needless to say, I sold the Skeleton and kept the Sota even though the Skeleton was awesome looking.

Go rent A Clockwork Orange. When they break into the rich guys house and let him have it, check out his system...
The Transrotor tonearm was called the Vestigial, a bastarization of the word "vestigal" perhaps. Certainly, the tonearm was vestigal and tweaky as all get out, but with a very high compliance cartridge could sound good.