Help me with the last item in my new system

I'll pose this to you for your opinions and experience;

Just completed a rebuild of my system and am down to the last two things. I want to change my speaker cables and I need a digital interconnect. The system is as follows;

CAL Icon Mk II
monter coax cable (borrowed out of my theatre setup)
Kimber Hero
Classe CAP-150 w/ phono
borrowed Tara Omni (brown case)
Hales Revelation 3s

The speaker cables I have in the system right now are brown and have a HUGE WAF quotient (sound good too). The Hales do not provide a biwire option, and the Classe is better suited to spades than banans. A fair amount of flexibility is required by my intallation. I have set a limit of $200 for an 8' pair of new/used speaker cables.

The digital cable between the CAL and the MSB only needs to be 1/2 meter. I am already amazed by the difference that the MSB makes, and in no way wish to soften or dull the sound of this marvelous bargian. I have set a budget of $125 for a new/used digital interconnect.

As always, your opinions and insight are very much appreciated. Your advise has helped bring my system to it's current state, and I am incredibly pleased with the results thus far.

Among moderately priced cables, I personally believe that the Kimber 8TC and 4TC are the ones to beat. I've been using these two cables in my own system for a long time, and I've been very pleased with them.
Hear this: I've downgraded from JPS Labs Superconductor speaker cables to unterminated Van Den Hul $75 6'runs directly from What Hi Fi catalogue. This is my best cable buy I've ever made. I'll be listing my JPS cables on e-bay and/or audiogon soon for at least $325.
I love my Harmonic Tech Pro-9's for $425.00

Their Pro-11's are awesome as well less than $200.00
the Analysis Plus oval 12s would certainly be great, and you might even find oval 9s for you price.
Might be able to find Analysis Plus used in an 8' increment for about $200. Audio Magic for the digital cable.
THe Acoustic Zen cables are the best I've heard and a definate upgrade from the Harmonic Tech Products. I would highly recommend sending in your MSB to Dan Wright at for mods, this is the single best improvement and by far the best bang for the buck upgrade you ca get.