Help me with system setup in new room

I'm finishing my basement. The finished room will be 17 feet long by 13 feet wide with 7.5 foot ceilings. I am going with tile floor (or maybe laminate hardwood) and a big area rug. My budget is 10K for everything. I am looking for recommendations for 2 channel full range audio. In the past I have had dynaudio contour S3.4's and S5.4's, with Pass X250.5, Plinius SA102, VT100MKii amplifiers, audio research ls 25mkii, arc ref1, arc ls15, arc ls 25mki, bat vk5i, pass x2.5, pass x1 preamps; for sources(to date): marantz sa11s1, nad m5, benchmark dac1, bel canto dac3, marantz sa15, sa8003, sa8260. I am no stranger to high resolution, natural midrange, soaring treble, full frequency dynamics, low distortion, etc. I recently have in another seperate system, Spendor monitor speakers that I like very much. I actually think this type of sound is more to my liking rather than the razor resolution of the dyns (I have come to regard dyns as hi-fi and the spendor's as more music lovers). I favor midrange/midband fidelity above anything else, and the spendors have hooked me. In the new system, I am thinking tube preamp, solid state amp, dac, and wireless device such as squeezebox plus decent cabling ought to do it.

I love Jazz, acoustic folk, modern rock, classic rock-- kind of across the board, but I know I have to voice it more or less for one spectrum and that would be acoustic jazz/blues-funk with the occasional rocking out (I have a nice car stereo that lets me rock out to GNR, audioslave, metallica, chili peppers, etc perfectly).

I am not looking to set records; the space is medium-small-ish sized; i'm looking for a nice system that lets me relax and enjoy the music.

I definitely want to hook in to my existing music server, but a good cd player is not out of the question for the future.

To start things off i'm thinking:

Slim Devices touch ($250)
Cary Exciter Dac ($1K)
Cary SLP-98 ($2K)
Bryston 4Bsst ($3K)
Spendor S8E ($2k)
Cables total ($1K)
acoustic tx ($500)

Not sure if the S8's are too big for 17x 13, or if the bryston is a good match.

(in the past i've had numerous mccormack amps and my favorite one was the DNA-225).

Fire Away and Thank You!

If you can find a Spendor SP1 I think you would like them better. The general feeling about Bryston among my friends is that they are a little bright. Also more power than you would need with Spendor. I would put more of my money into speakers and less into electronics. Something like the Krell S 300i is available for $1995 and would allow you to put more money in speakers. Sonus Faber is another place I would look. In a smaller room I find that small speakers with a sub or subs work very well.I am using Spendor 2/2s with a REL sub in my HT set up in a considerably smaller room than you have and they work well. I just refinished my basement and used some very attractive vinyl flooring that is very easy to put down and can be taken up and easily re-laid in case of water damage etc. Company is from Belgium but have a factory over here now. I looked at tile and hardwood also but liked this better. Recommend you not use wool rugs, acoustically superior but I had trouble with static electricity. Be sure and budget for dedicated lines. Anything else email me.
magnepans have great midrange presence and detail. but u have experience with the good stuff obviously. have you ever listened to these speakers? have you ever experimented with ac power conditioners? my amplifier sounded worse with one due to redundantcy according to the factory but i still have my digital gear hooked to a furman.
Sounds like a good plan. Good advice from Stanwal. While I like the S8E, I think you might want to consider others too. How about Harbeth? Or Acoustic Zen Adagio?

Anyhow, as long as you are building from scratch, and using a squeezebox in a dedicated locations, I would recommend that you don't go wireless but install LAN cable from your router to your listening room, and to your computer too.

Good luck. Peter
You don't want to talk to me about "speakers which are too big for the room," because I'll convince you of some heretical things. ;) If you fix the room properly you'll be able to accommodate some decent sized floor standers.
Thanks for the great advice. I had not thought about wired squeeze but I was going to add at least one ethernet port. I will install it next to the dedicated 20amp outlet. I'm not against integrated amps, but to date have not found one I like. I tried nad m3 with the s 3.4's (not good) and a mcintosh ma 6900 with contour 1.8mkii's. This was better in the midrange and treble purity but bass and soundstage was flat and thin. Perhaps an ayre integrated with harbeth's is the ticket? I will add some pics of the construction to help generate more suggestions. Thank you.btw, Douglas: holy crap! That is a killer system! Why not go all the way though from floor to ceiling? Lol
I would guess that the Pass and the Plinius are nicer amps than the Bryston. I'm not sure what your budget is, but another high performer for the money would be Odyssey Statos souped up mono blocks. I love Ayre, I had the V5se, very natural sound, but a tad bit bass shy. It would depend on your speakers and room whether it registers that way. There's the old addage to choose the speakers you like and then find the amp that supports them properly.
Peter_s the total budget is 10K max for everything...I do have a solid steel rack the smaller 4 shelf job.

If I divided up 10k by 5 (amp, pre, source, cables, speakers) evenly that's 2K per group. I could of course reduce the cable expense, and possibly go with an integrated and tilt the remainder to the speakers...

say 3K integrated, 1K cables, 1K source, 5K speakers...dollar for dollar, pound for pound, speakers provide the biggest return (in my experience).