Help me with my movie selections

Sad to say, but I really haven't rented many movies in the past 5 years. I have a large collection of laser discs and some DVD's. I am using an excellent DAC & headphone rig for my sound system.

I enjoy a good screen play with an involving script, strong character development, actors that do more than just collect a paycheck, an interesting plot with twists, or a movie that is bizarre and out of the ordinary. In short, it doesn't have to be an Academy Award nominee, but something more than the typical Hollywood "formula" movie for the brain-dead.
Like yourself, I really haven't been much of a movie buff the last few years. As I've gotten into films again, I've found the website is a great resource to read many professional reviews of movies of all sorts, mainstream and less well known. Many great discoveries to be found there.
In the Valley of Elah
Fargo- a bit older but if you haven't seen it...

Four that come to mind quickly.
Oh Brother Where Art Thou
Heart of Gold
good music movies.
You want Bizzare well try:

Pink Flamingos
Carnival of souls" good twist at the end
freaks" another great twist at the end
Eraser head
The sword and the dragon" this is a really cool and weird movie.
inland empire
The following are original and well made. My advice is join NetFlix.

The Lost Room, Cypher, Freeze Frame, Fractured, Spider, The Machinist, The Jacket, Behind the Sun, Quills, Memento, City of God, Casino, The King of Masks, Snatch, The Lord of War, Training Day, Blood Diamond, The Departed, Jean De Flouret, Manon of Spring, Fay Grim, Pan's Labryinth, PuzzleHead, The Apostle, American History X,

TV Series on DVD: 24, Heroes, House MD

You can look them up at: Internet Movie Database at
Dear Frankie - for some reason I found this movie really earnest and touching. Bring a box of tissues...
Anything by Sam Fuller
1. Join Netflix
2. Rate some movies you have seen
3. Let the system start making recommendations.

But to start you off: Children of Men, Monsoon Wedding, 25th Hour, The Constant Gardener, Syriana, The Departed, Gladiator ... that's a start.
a movie that is bizarre and/or out of the ordinary?

2 Days In The Valley
Mulholland Drive
Blood Simple
Red Rock West
Raising Arizona
Lackawanna Blues
Pulp Fiction
The Girl From Trieste
A Voice From Heaven
Buena Vista Social Club
The Snow Walker
Happy, Texas
The Mission
The Black Robe
The New World
Saints and Soldiers
Buffalo 66
Lives of Others
There is a good movie called Thick as Theives with Alec Baldwin. The movie is about a thief who likes jazz music. It is a cool little movie but there was never a soundtrack available. Most people liked the movie for its music.

Also, I like one called the Bad Lieutenant with Harvey Keitel. It is pretty Graphic. Even my friends who are cops thought it was disturbing.
Oh, yes. There's always the 1st and 2nd season of the HBO ROME series.
I agree with Jgiacalo about Rome. I think that series is superb, well worth watching if you are into historical drama.
The Big Blue...beautiful photography and story line...may be hard to find, Big Fish....Tim Burton...strange, bit interresting. Fargo....funny great acting
I assume you have Satelite or Digital cable, if so watch IFC (Independent Film Channel).....all movies are un-cut and commercial free and it is not a Premium channel, but is usually not offered with the most basic packages.
Alot of movies mentioned here have been or are on the channel now, there are films from around the world, small low budget indie films and huge succesful films like Pulp Fiction, Fargo and others........check it out!
The Hoax
The Host
I dunno what kind of movies you like, but I can highly recommend Asylum (David Mackenzie), Tideland (Terry Gilliam), The White Countess (James Ivory), The Constant Gardener (Fernando Meirelles)
Hope you like them :)