Help Me With My Buzz

So I got my turntable (Pro-ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB) set up, and it is hooked up to a Peachtree Nova 125SE for DAC/amp and Rega Fono MM for phono stage.

BUT there is a buzz mostly in the right speaker, and to a much lesser extent in the left. Also, the buzz seems to be intermittent. Sometimes it is louder and other times it seems to completely go away.

I have read many threads on ground loops, plug-ins, and other electronic interference etc, but the inconsistency of the buzz is making it hard to understand what is causing it. When I play music via my Apple TV, there is no buzz. The buzz is also there at low and high volumes.

So I have some questions/ideas, and maybe you much wiser audiophiles can give me some things to try to eliminate or reduce it.

1) I am using the grounded cable that came with the Pro-ject and both grounds are hooked up. I am going to get a better cable eventually, but I thought I should mention it.

2) I do have an Apple TV hooked up, but I also disconnected it and the buzz seems the same and with random frequency.

3) Everything is plugged in to the same outlet/powerstrip -- except the turntable as that is separated a bit from my other components.

4) Both outlets for the powerstrip and TT are surge protected Pass & Seymour wall outlets. I am not sure if that would make a difference. Just throwing it out there.

5) The room does have LED lights that are on the same circuit (no dimmer). Eventually I want to get a dedicated circuit for the audio equipment, but that will be a bit later.

6) My wires do run briefly (2ft) through the wall space and there are other wires next to them. Also, the whole setup is a floor above the breaker box in the basement with the speaker that has the most buzz being the closer one. Again, not sure if this is an issue.

Because the buzz can be random, my gut feeling is that is electro-environmental, but I could be wrong.

Any tips on tinkering with my setup to eliminate the buzz. It isn't so bad that I can't enjoy my vinyl, but it is noticeable at points. I also have limited to no ability to move my components around.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, still illegal in my state...
Well, just an update. I originally posted this some days ago, but it just appeared today. The buzz has gone away. It was pretty simple in that some BlueJeans cables did the trick.

As I am finding out, in the world of turntables, there are 101 things that can go wrong and it is like a little effen treasure hunt to figure it out. Next on the list of things to troubleshoot is why I am getting high frequency sibilance out of the left speaker on only some records.