Help me with a vinyl setup for my brother-in-law

I helped set my brother-in-law with a nice budget tube system last year and now he would like to add vinyl to his system. I really know very little about vinyl so looking for some advice on how to set him up for around $2000 all in.

His current system is:
Almarro 205a MK2
Omega Super 5 XRS single driver speakers
Omega Hudson Audio R copper speaker cables
Anti cable ICs
Scott Nixon USB DAC

Its a very nice little system in his NYC apartment and I was thinking a decent budget vinyl setup like this?

VPI Scout with JMW 9 tonearm - $1100 (used)
PS Audio GCPH phono preamp - $500 (used)
Good cartridge????? ($300-400)
Another set of Anti Cable ICs ($100)

The Almarro with those Omegas is a very smooth punchy system for his small living room space and I think vinyl would sound even better. Is this a good setup or can he do better within his budget?

good choices so far, Good cartridge????? ($300-400)
I suggest a low output mc the Audio-Technica OC9 MKII Phono Cartridge also the neddle doctor has the Ortofon HMC30 Cartridge on sale for 399.99