Help me with a speaker cable build, Ideas?

Hey, This is the OldHvyMec,

I've been watching the forums and noticed all the clammer on speaker cables.

Got any ideas on how to build a better NETWORK SPEAKER CABLE?

THIS IS NOT about, what a cable should do, BUT, about what a cable CAN DO.
I've found some interesting ideas and would like to share.

Design??? I need All the help I can get!!!!

I invite all the poor sound hounds to the BBQ. What YA GOT???

Materials, Surplus, Ideas.  Just no Yoko Ono, and be nice, I'm old. LOL


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01-31-2020 8:21pm
Please try this and it will beat a lot of cables that cost you hundreds and even of thousand of dollars.  Go to Home Depot and get the low voltage electrical wires and they will work like a champ.  Under 6’ to 10’ get 14 or 16 gauge and over 10’ to 20’ is, of course, 12 gauge.  Just want to share!

Solid Core conductor, right?? I've used it. WORKS great, it's just not flexible enough for most applications, unless your a "off the floor guy"
I saw a  "HIGH" dollar systems, with stiff conductors and bridging. I figured it was so the cleaning person could vacuum. 55,000.00 for that set up in Florida show 12 year or so back.. You did it for 40.00 or less. Heck some plexiglass and a table saw, you got the bridging, for the vacuum person, you, I assume. It works for me.....

BTW that 55,000.00 USD system BOILED my ears behind dirty
DIRTY VAC, along with most of the vendors. I just walked by B&W,
ML big stuff was ok.That was called the "Cotton Convention", Everyone was bitchin', about the HF ear bleeding highs. Cotton in your ears...

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01-31-2020 12:02am
Get some Mogami 2477 Blue Neglex 14 guage OFC coax.

I use, their W-2524(I think that the number) cable for my XLRs.
I really like their stuff. QC is just unsurpassed. I just wish I could find a GOOD source, for XLR, AT A REASONABLE price, with copper pin ends. The housing is not the biggie. The conductor is.

You got a good source for GREAT cable ends, ALL EARS HERE..

What do think of Cable COOKING? I think they got something there.
I've done it with RCAs In tape loops. Systems seem to settle in a bit quicker, after a component swap, Your thoughts?

Ok I've built 3 sets of cables.

First one with inductor (first part of the network) and the second network (resistors and cap), in a 3 meter 12/4 soow (600vac) cable.

The second build is  WITHOUT the inductor, 17' cable of 10/2 sjoow  (300vac), second network is installed.

The third is 12/4 3 meter, no network of any kind, soow (600vac) They are all being conditioned on a 2.5 cooker. Takes a bit of time. 3-5 days per pair. I'll run them on a pair of RM30, Elixirs, and RS2b.

All three cables are set up for inline attenuation, of HF if needed.
They are all 99.9 pure copper domestic cable

These are all planar/ribbon monitor sections, but all the MBC/ Bass, sections vary, in all three. They will show any and every flaw. I'll use a few different Pre and power amps. Mac, VTL, Nord, and Pass design. I figure about 3 weeks or so to get everything pretty close. 

Give an update when I HEAR SOMETHING....