Help me with a simple pre/pro challenge please?

Hi All, setup:

Lansche 4.1 speakers
Opera Consonance 300B's (20W)
Teres Turntable
Linn Sneaky DS
Shanling CD-T300SE
Sony PS4
Epson Projector

O.K. - so here's the deal. I have the guts of a very fine 2 channel system here. I intend to use it for movies as well so I will want a pair of rears and a sub at the very least. Maybe a center channel too - but I think I'd prefer to just ghost it.

I can use powered rears and subs if it's just a processor I wind up with but the main thing here is that I want something easy and user friendly where I can just listen to my music in 2 channel and then press a button to have instant surround.

Can someone recommend any solution for me in Silver (wife wants to keep all the gear silver) that will give me surround processing, 3D HDMI switching, etc. but also keep my mono amps in use for those front channels?

I thought about just buying the Oppo BDP-105 and using it's own processing but I'm not sure if it has enough juice to get me to sensible volume levels and it has no TT input. I am open to all possibilities, even if unorthodox.

Outlaw, Emotiva, anything used on Agon.

Before I read your last paragraph (about buying an Oppo 105), I was thinking the same thing and was about to list its many benefits. But you seem to already recognize how well the 0ppo's features matches your needs, with the exception of no TT input.

There are several moderately priced solutions for the lack of a TT input on the Oppo 105.
I would be more concerned, however, with another drawback with your plan: using a tubed amplifier to power your l+r main speakers for both 2-ch music and ht duties.

I have little doubt that an Oppo 105, paired with your existing equipment, would sound great for both. But, if you plan on using surround sound while watching tv as well as for movies and music, tube replacement costs may prove to be unacceptably expensive.

I highly recommend the Oppo 105, having used one in my dual purpose ht/2-ch music system for the past 8 months, but my amplification is exclusively solid state. You may be better off using a dual system setup; tube amplifier for 2-ch music and solid state for ht and surround music. Since I have no experience running a dual amp system, I'll leave it to those with experience to chime in.

Good luck with your search,
My system is dual and I think the best way for me was to add a receiver with a 7.1 input that way you could use the Oppo processor if you wanted to I use my blu ray processor because it has the updated chips and my Marantz 8001 does not. I also use my main Vincent amp in the ht by using an ab switch. Fortunately my amp has dual rca inputs which makes it easier. I have dual outputs on the Vincent pre amp and run it to the subwoofer as well as the receiver. It all works great thanks to the ab switch.