Help me upgrade my beginner system!

So I’ve been an entry-level audiophile for a while - I’ve never spent a large amount of money to put together a truly impressive system. Currently, I have the following gear:

- Elac Discovery Music Server
- Technics SL-1700 Turntable w/Pickering XSV300 cartridge
- Peachtree Nova 300 Integrated Amp
- GoldenEar BRX Bookshelf speakers
- NHT SW2P Subwoofer (w/MA-1 amp)

I also have a bunch of gear I inherited from my brother (all from the 1990s) that I will be trading in to a local stereo shop. That’s where I need help. What should I add/replace to improve on my setup? I’m not sure what I’ll get for the traded-in gear, but I suspect I’ll be able to purchase around $2 - $2.5K in new gear.

I’m personally leaning towards a DAC to improve upon the one built into the Peachtree, and maybe a good power conditioner (although I’m currently using my brother’s old Tice Elite AC Conditioner). I’m very hesitant to replace the Elac Discovery because it comes with Roon and works with both Tidal and Qobuz. Anyway, would love to get your thoughts on this!


At one time I compared the preamp + amp sections of the Peachtree Nova 150. I had this unit for about 3 years. I forgot how I did the separation of the different parts to test, but I know I did do that and came to the following conclusions:

- the preamp section is terrible

- I think I also thought the DAC was terrible

- the amp section was pretty good, though nowhere close to the Peachtree GAN1 that I mentioned above.

I think it laudable that you are interested in working with and supporting your local audio store. You have some great speaker brands to choose from. I agree with grislybutter that bookshelf speakers would be ideal for that room, and I think would offer the biggest bang for the buck. Not sure that you mentioned what electronic brands they offer. I agree that the Peachtree is the weakest link in your system FWIW.


There are used GoldenEar Tritons that may be in your price range.  I saw several under $2k

Wanted to loop back and update everyone on what I ended up doing. After trading in all the gear I had, I did a lot of auditioning, thanks to my local store. I mostly tried out integrated amps to replace my Peachtree, and boy did that make a difference. I ended up demoing a Hegel H190, Rogue Audio Pharaoh II, Margules ACRH-3, NAD M10 V2 and NAD M33. The Margules, in my system, sounded the best, handily.

I also decided to replace the Elac Discovery with a HiFi Rose RS250A Streamer/DAC. Another huge improvement in sound. The Margules and Hifi Rose marry extremely well with the GoldenEar BRXs, so I think I'll be set for quite a while. If I do upgrade in the future, it'll be speakers first, then probably a dedicated DAC.

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions - I'm very happy with my updated system!

That sounds like a nice system. The BRXs are highly thought of. I've never heard them but I have a pair of T1s that are incredible!