Help me upgrade

I currently have a yamaha DSP-A1 with the BK 200.5 amp. I want to go to a digital amp that accepts hdmi. What should I get?
HDMI inputs on power amp are none existence. Only Receivers and HD Processors would have HDMI inputs. Power amps only have Balance and Unbalance inputs, what you need is a processor with HDMI inputs and you're done, leave your BK amp alone and upgrade to a HD Processor.
yup that's what i meant. is it worth the upgrade? Will i hear a difference if I switch to hdmi inputs?
Yes, you'll get your money worth. A decent HD Processor will run around $1200-$1500, are you willing to go there? keep an eye on Audiogon's ad, and you'll run into something that you might like, good luck.
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Right now i'm using my bluray player. It is decoding the audio, converting it to lpcm and sending it to the receiver. The receiver applies no processing to the signal, and just amplifies it. I wonder is this just as good as good as sending the audio bitstream to the receiver for decoding and processing via hdmi?
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