Help me to lube up

I am using an older HeadRoom Cosmic Headphone amp. I have to switch between 3 different systems quite frequently,

Unfortunately, the jacks are recessed inside of the back-plate, which can make unplugging the RCA's difficult [my fat fingers make grasping the next to one another RCA's a problem]

Can anyone suggest a CHEAP lubricant, which may facilitate removal? But I do not want to degrade the connection.

And any puns are more than welcome :-)
Is the problem at the headphone amp or system end? You could leave the problem end connected and detach the other end. Just a thought. Dan
Thanks, Dan. But I have to use 3 different interconnects for the 3 systems, so your suggestion is not an option.

The problem is the tight fit on the headphone amp.
Maybe van den Hul's "The Solution" would help?