Help me to find Goldmund T-3 tonearm motor

I recently acquired Goldmund T-3 tonearm with Architecture & Physique Appliquee name on the side panel. Tonearm seems to function OK except motor(escap E16/Escap 15) that raises or lowers the tonearm. My tech told me he can not fix this moror/gearbox combination. I tried the local Escap(Portescap) motor representative, but he told me this model is too old, so he can not find this motor. Please help me where I can find this motor. Thank you in advance.
did you already contact , I did need a
JVC direct drive motor ( same used in the studietto ), and succeeded in bying one in switserland ,it was not very cheap.Have it a try
regards Hans 9 Netherlands )
Yes, I have already contacted Goldmund about one week ago, and still waiting for their response.