help me to build...

I am building a stereo/multichannel music/concerts only dvd ...(really dont care about movies at home).
I have so far:
Pioneer Elite VSX-45TX.
Philips dvd963A.
Audioquest Diamondback interconnects.
Quad 11Ls(after going back and forth between 11Ls and floorstanders finally decided to go with 11Ls all channels including center)...
I can not afford much more, therefore need recommendations "best bang for the buck" type(but keeping in mind that needs to integrate to what I have, dont want to go cheap neither) for the following:
digital link receiver/dvd.
speaker cables.
speaker stands.
plasma vs. lcd for the monitor.
The more I read , more confusing becomes !
All opinions/suggestions are WELCOME, I know eventually will upgrade , but need to finish THIS SET yet...

Thanks for your time in advance
I would skip Plasma and LCD if you want bang for the buck and need a TV, get a DLP. The LCD/Plasmas are way to pricey still, and likely always will be more than the RP DLP's (which do fast action better than either of the other two IMHO) and a DLP RPTV will only be 12-19" deep.....
I second Kennyt's suggestion, for alot les than a plasma you can get a real nice DLP TV that is pretty thin. you cannot hang them from the walls, but you can get em about a foot deep, and you will not have to worry about burn-in and the black level is waaaayy darker on DLP than plasma, and have a bigger screen size. It does not have quite the Gee-wiz factor, but if you check out some of Samsung's DLPs you might be pretty satisified with the asthetics of them. They certainly dont look cheap.

If you have pre-outs on yer reciever you also might want to look at getting a multichannel amp. I used to be a big reciever fan, but after finally hearing a seperates setup it is hard to go back to a reciever.

To get more info, you might want to give us an idea of the budget yer looking at.
Nah, forget plasmas/LCDs and even RPTVs. IMO get an inexpensive digital front projector. Get thee to the AVS forums and lurk in the Digital Projectors - Under $3500 USD MSRP forum. you'd be surprised how big and glorious of a image you can get for the same price or less than an RPTV. My $0.02. YMMV. If you have decent light control, anything more than 750 lumens is great.

Why settle for 65 inches or less when you can have 84, 92, or 110 inches? And sit thee at 1.5x or 2.0x the screen width. I prefer 1.85x the screen width myself. I sit about 11 or 12 foot from a 80 inch wide screen (92 diagonal). It's great for immersion into movies and concert DVDs. Bravo!

That and heed slappy's recommendation for a separate amp, since this is for music. You might be able to use a receiver as a pre/pro, or a even a used or b-stock pre/pro, like an outlaw audio one.
thanks, guys for the advise...but what about cables ?
I you're happy with your AQ's, why not just get more? Other inexpensive cables that I've tried and liked are Goertz and Signal Cable. No sub?
Well yes, but , this is step by step, Quad is comming with a sub for the L series,just waiting and see...