Help me spend my money

Hi folks! I have about $1000-1500 to spend and would love to get your thoughts on how I should spend it for maximum benefit. I was originally thinking about room treatments but being the audiophile I am I couldnt resist the thought of getting more gear! Here are my options:

Light Harmonic Light Speed USB cable
USB Converter - Bel Canto or Berkeley
Bass Traps - RealTraps Mondo Traps
Absorption panels for 1st reflection points on side walls and ceiling - Vicoustic Cinema Round
New CAPS PC music server
Buy more music!

I appreciate your input!
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You have nice stuff. What aspect of sound do you think can be improved?

Based on pics and system info, panels at first reflection points would seem to be a decent application. If not there, then secondary or others. They can probably only help and not hurt in the end.

Two or 3 2'X2' good quality panels should not cost more than $100 or so though. I picked up three well reviewed panels on Amazon a while back for about that.

Tweaking/experimenting with various speaker locations/orientation/height is essentially free, easy to try, and can often yield large benefit.

Otherwise, buy some more music or subscribe to a good music streaming source for more variety, if needed. Or save the money and just visit the local public library to see what unknown gems you might find there.

I am not familiar with JRiver, but have started to use PLEX, which is quite nice and free on server and used from web browser. Installed mobile or tablet apps are $5. You can access your music files from anywhere with an internet connection and has high quality streaming for free. Helps to get one out and about and away from the home gear without losing access to your music, if that has any appeal.
Having a smal room treatments not really an issue for me in a near field do have a good can't have to much music....

No one can know what room treatments will work in your room who isn't standing in it when they are installed. ;-)

I don't want to be a gossip, but I keep hearing people all over the various forums say they prefer a number of other USB cables over the LH Light Speed. Haven't heard it myself, but I'd definitely try out several before plunking down any cash.

You have great equipment, so it would help if you described what you're still yearning for.
Buy a record player. Even a $1500 table like a Marantz (complete with cart) will give you more musical satisfaction than any digital cable. I have nothing against digital, but it's not analog. You should have the option.
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If you are still using your Musical Fidelity V-Link, I would say upgrade to something better. You should hear a big improvement.
Room treatments. Lesson I learned is invest $ there before spending on upgraded equipment. You won't know how good your current equipment can sound until you treat the room. A couple of GIK bass traps behind speakers made a big difference...panels on side walls and wall behind listening space brought incremental improvement. I do listen relatively "near field"...about 7-8' from speakers and room treatment was like an equipment upgrade, in my opinion. Good luck "investing"!
My vote is room treatment. I understand your thoughts about it not being as fun as getting new gear- I felt the same way. However, don't let that fool you. It's a potentially significant upgrade. I stared with Gik tri-traps in the corners then panels for first reflections. Those are good places to start.
No on the usb cable. No on the converter for now. They become obsolete too fast. Realtraps are great but try before you buy to see if you need them and how many. The Caps server MAY be a great idea, but check out the Auralic Aries coming out soon. This may be a great way to enjoy your music ( or Spotify ) and you are already using the I pad interface and computer audio. A lot more hi rez music available as downloads and the Aries should play them all. We should know soon how well the Aries and Caps server get along. A lot of posts over on Computer Audiophile. I've checked out you system. Let's face it, your and Audiophile and a Music-phile. Best to admit the truth.
If you don't have any sort of room treatment-my vote this this is by far biggest bang for the buck. Bass Traps in the corners and absorbers/diffusors on first reflections a must...let us know what you do!

If you happen to live in Texas, I am about to post a pair of ASC Tower bass traps...
I change my vote. I just read your post about your impressions on demoing the light speed USB cable. since you love the improvement, I'd go there first, then get the room treatments.