Help me spend my $1500, interated or separate?

Setting up a system for my sister. The only thing that is for sure is the speaker, Dynaudio Contour 3.3. They will be in a rather large room, 15x17 opening to another similar size room.

Given Dyn loves power, solid state is a must. But she is not an audiophile and has no intention of getting complicated separate components that will require a PhD to operate, so integrated came to mind. But few integrated fall in that price range and still have decent drive even though she listens mostly to classical music and does not listen loud, so she might have to step up to separates to have enough power.

She will only run one source for the time being, so the other option is CDP with volume control or passive volume control directly to amp.

With this limited budget for amplification, what will you recommend?

I am a newbie to this but, I'm very happy with my B&K AVR 307. I have Vienna Accoustic Mozart's and it handles them well. I have seen this amp on A-gon close to your your price range. Good luck....
Get the used Musical Fidelity A300 integrated amp. It's SS and a dual-mono with 150wpc. You can pick up a used one here for sub $1k.

Less is more;no bells or whistles. Within your price range
I agree with the A300 comment. I think that would be a wise choice. My other advice would be to audition a Sim Audio I-5 integrated. I've heard they are magic with Dynaudio speakesr.
Portal Panache. More musical than the A300 and more alive than the I-5. It will be a very good match for the 3.3s.
I would agree with the MF A300 or strongly consider the Electrocompaniet ECI-3 or ECI-4 used here on Audiogon. Good Luck!

A Plinius 8200 or 9100 should be within your budget.

From what I hear, Plinius mates well with Dynaudio, although I do not have firsthand experience with the pairing.
i second the moon i-5 recommendation. i picked up a used one a couple of months ago right here for about $1500 and it's been amazing. beautiful warm, detailed sound with amazing imaging and plenty of punch. it retails at $2600 so you may have to have a little patience, but you won't be sorry.
Great suggestion so far. Sounds like most of you prefer integrated over passive volume control which is great because I do like active pre amp stage even if it is inside an integrated.

I have heard Plinius many times from people who owns Dynaudio, sounds like I should give Sim audio a serious listen as well.

Keep it coming!
I give up the attenuator -- It's an excellent choice for anyone listening to classical, but budget restrictions make this setup unadvisable.
I would make sure the integrated is remote controlled -- the volume, at least. I doubt your sister will want to get up all the time, and volume control is necessary for classical, IMO (very many transient loud passages). Especially as, with a good system, she WILL be listening louder!
I'd go for Sunfire Symphonic Reference amp and preamp.
It's 250W/8Ohms and doubles @4Ohms.
Hook'm up together and turn-on with only one preamp switch just like in integrated.
Have you ever seen integrated 250Wpc?
OT - I know but ansering the point made by Marakanetz:

MF Tri-Vista 300 at 350wpc in to 8 and 600 into 4.

I haven't "seen" it though.
Integrated will be a good start.