Help me setting up a 2 channel system

Hi, I'm planning to set up a 2 channel audio listening room. The room is very small(10 x 11) and I have to sit against the longer wall. The budget for the total system (integrated amp and speakers) is no more than $5k.
I prefer standmount speakers with either front ported or a sealed design since i will have to put them fairly close to the wall. I'll be using Sony SCD333es as CD/SACD player. I prefer a intergrated amp for simplicity. I am looking at used market for them.

Any suggestions are welcome. I listen to mostly classical music. Below are the ones that have some good reviews. I am no audiophile so any suggestion will be a good advice for me. Thanks. Andrew.

VMPS 626Ribbon $1600 NEW
Audio Concept Sapphire $1300 NEW
B&W Signature 805 $USED
JM Lab Mini Utopia $USED
Please add the PSB Platinum M2 to your short list.
I'm using the signature 805 and can't say enough good about it. Especially if set up properly. There will be some people that say they don't like the sound or that is has the classic "B&W house sound". Either way, I'm thrilled with what I hear.
May I suggest the green mountain audio Europa's. I would really prefer to see you have a separate premap and amplifier - which in the used market is achievable in your price range. Edge Electronics for solid state, Manley or Balanced Audio Technolody for Tubes. Even better, mix a tube preamp with a SS amp - best of both worlds.
I like soft-dome tweeters in setups like you will have. Highly detailed systems can be a little to much when seating options are limited. A small sweat-spot will become even smaller.

I second the B&W 805 Sigs. I own them and have them set up in my living room. I really enjoy their sound - excellent soundstaging and more than enough bass for your room. I think you will be very happy with them as I am with mine.