Help me set up my system

I just purchased Vandersteen 1c's, VCC5 center channel, and a v2w subwoofer. I would like to run 5.1 for home theatre, but would also like for stereo to sound good as well. I will be running a second zone for music. I am guessing that it will be used as follows:
tv: 50%
music 25%
stereo 25%

I am value-conscious and am not necessarily interested in the extra 10% of extra quality for twice the price. I am thinking about the following components:
(I own Vandersteen 1c's; vcc-5 and v2w)
Rotel RSP 1066 pre -pro
Sherbourn 5/1500 am
Sherbourn (2nd zone amp)
Proficient in wall speakers for rear channel and in-wall.
I need a dvd player (I was thinking Panasonic RP 91
I need a cd player (would prefer multi disc for general music listening)

What can I do to get the most for my money. I would like to spend around $5,000 for a receiver, or pre-pro with am, cd player and dvd player.

Please let me know if you have any sure thing ideas or recommendations.

Thanks in advance.
The Rotel is nice for the price, amps are hard to say - may want to look into Citation amps too. For the CD player, I would definately look into the Sony SCD-C555ES. It is multichannel SACD and a 5 disc carousel that sounds awesome for the price. There is not much point in skimping on the source and the price is fair at around $650 used. If that is too much, look into the C222ES which is similar but around $320 used. Good luck and enjoy - finding the stuff should be part of the fun.
there must be lots of nice combos you could come up with if you went this route
1. I think you will want SACD as well as DVD-A, and the ROTEL SS processor has only one set of multichannel inputs. You really ought to get a player that does both. (I use a Pioneer DV45-A which is the good value that you seek at $400 to $500).

2. You don't need a separate CD player. The DVD will do that, and if you doubt its audio circuit quality you can put its digital output into the ROTEL, which has 24 bit D/A.

3. I used to think that the rear channels were just for ambience, and that minimal speakers, like your inwall units, would suffice. After some experience with actual multichannel recordings I have changed my mind about that. If you can swing it try for rear speakers comparable to the fronts.