Help me select an integrated amp. Options please

My listening room is approximately 20'X30' with a cathedral ceiling. My speakers have a nominal impedance of 6 ohm with a sensitivity of 96db. The frequency response is 20hz to 30khz. The minimum recomended power is 5 watts. I want to use an integrated amp and need some help. Would anyone be willing to provide me with recomendations. After this purchase I will be adding a cd player and a turntable.
Price range?
Don't know what your price range is, but I don't think theres many int's out there that hold a candle to the YBA offerings. The natural presentation, resolution of detail, and the ability to convey the performance are hallmarks of this French manufacturer.(Sorry about the can't have everything!)

If you're adding a phono section....the plus is that it comes with a very fine phono pre-amp!! Not an easy order in these days of digital or line stage only preamps and integrateds.

The YBA build, and parts quality is supurb! YBA equipment holds it's value very well also. Some hunting may help you find one on the "Gon", but you don't see tons of their gear for sale...(used) that is!

You might also look at the's also a fine integrated amp!

Happy hunting...

Depending on your price range you could get a YBA Integre DT (under 2K) which offer a excellent value (even when bought new)...

If your budget is in the $3K-9K range, get a YBA Passion Integre... the amp cost like $4,500 new. To my knowledge, nothing comes close in terms of details, musicallity and transparency for under $10K.

Make a search for integrated on the discussion forums. You will find some great info...

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aronov intergrated--tubes--tubes--bass--bass--midrange glory and at a very good price---1200 to 1500 used check it out--i am driving vandy 3sig with this now--
If you're on a budget, try to audition the Unison Research Unico integrated that's been getting so many great reviews. I also recommend the ARC CA-50 (tubed integrated), which I use with ProAc monitors. Your speakers are very efficient so you may be able to make do with the ARC's 45 watts. There are also usually some very good Classe integrateds for sale used on this site, around $1000 for 100 watts.
There is a used Conrad Johnson CAV-50 for sale on the site right now. I haven't heard this integrated but if it is as good as the tube pre/amp combo's this company makes it should be a glorious music maker.

Have Fun.
The YBA Integre is an excellent choice for a solid state integrated especially if you opt for the phono stage. But remember, the magic really comes alive when you use the optional YBA MC module for the phono section. It is a bit pricey but it will place you in vinyl heaven. And the beauty is it requires no extra cables!
It appears you have a speaker that is very efficient,so you could get by with less wattage, however, I have the 175 watt Plinius 8200 and that extra headroom helps to give you that effortless and unstrained sound.If you don't need a phono section, they have another less expensive version,the 8100.There are many good integrated amps to choose from in the market.What is the brand of your speakers? You might search the forum engine and see what others with your speakers might be using with good results.
Trust me, a no brainer, either AirTight 300B or Berning's 'lil SE amp. If on the cheap, look at a Sun Audio someone has souped up or Fi X amp with better transformers that someone has optioned for.
I second, or third it; the YBA line, that is. I had the original Integre for 7 years. Still of the very best SS 50watts out there. I, now, own the Passion Integre. Different league altogether. Runs tete a tete (and better) with JRDG,ML, MF, and would give, killer separates, a run for the money. Happy hunting...warren
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YBA or Plinius
Let's mix it up some. The Brinkman, Manley Stingray, Plinius and Unison.