Help me select a new remote preamp on a budget

Hey all,

So after about 6 years of home theater I've decided to blow it all up and start over with a 2-channel system. So far I've gotten a pair of Martin Logan Electromotions, a McCormack DNA-125, and a PS Audio Digital Link III to go with the VPI Scout Jr and Dynavector phono preamp that I already had.

But - to complete the switch I need a preamp. Given that my gear is currently tending to the bright and clinical side I wouldn't mind something tube or tube-like. I'd also like to keep it around or under $1k.

My other requirements are that it must have a remote, and for wife-friendlyness the remote must be able to select the input. In case I decide to do Home Theater again in the future, I'd also like it to have HT bypass.

Here are the candidates I've identified so far:
Belles Soloist 3
McCormack RLD-1
PS Audio GCP-200

Right now I'm leaning towards the McCormack (if only one would pop up on the used market) but I'm open to entertaining other options.

If you are open to tubes, the AES AE-3 made by Cary is inexpensive new and a real bargain used. Upscale Audio has them I think with remote control. Great sound especially if you take their advice on substituting the stock tubes. It is a very straight forward pre with all the magic of tubes . I think they can be had for $1200 new.
Do you mind some older gear?
I don't know your selections but the come from reputable designers and I would think all would be at least decent.
Going back a bit, I like the
BelCanto Pre 1 or Pre 2, both are very good
Audio Research LS-9
Muse Model 3 Signature
All are single ended and balanced and include a remote and should be available in your budget.
Well, the two I'd recommend have a remote but you can't select a source. If you can get past that, I would recommend a VTL 2.5 or a BAT 3i. They are right there in your price range & would be hard to beat. I've owned both & wouldn't have any problem putting one back in my system.
Great suggestions all.

I was just looking at a BAT and trying to decide if I (ok, if the wife) could live without the Harmony selecting the input for me... I sometimes wish I'd gotten a BAT VK-200 instead of the McCormack - an all BAT system for under $2k would be an amazing get.

I had looked at the newer Bel Canto's but the Pre 1 looks like it could be a good fit. HT bypass which is nice, and I wouldn't mind tubes.

I love the look of that AES but unfortunately I think I need 5 inputs to handle my system. I could maybe get by with 4 but no fewer.
The PS Audio PCA2 is another option. They sell used for $6-700 and meet all your needs. This will kill the PS Audio you mention above.
That PS Audio looks great and much more in my price range than the GCP.

Sadly I just realized that the BAT is too wide for my rack. Its a Sonus rack that happens to be exactly 19" wide, so fatties like the BAT stuff or the McCormack I just bought don't fit. Very limiting and annoying.