Help me replace my beloved Wilson System 6


I do NOT listen to music what so ever...(sorry...:)  )

I use the Wilson's strictly for HT and in fact they are in phantom mode (No center channel) in a 6.1 configuration ( I own B&W DB1 subwoofer).

I feel the urge for something new but I wish to retain the good stuff I have today which is PERFECT for HT, i.e large scale, dynamics, great imaging and most importantly that sense of Drama which sometimes is just frightening…:)

I do feel however that I can get better sound in terms of human voice, which is ultra important for me as they act as center channel as well (no option to add a center channel) .

 The speakers are in my living room which is 5MX 9M, open to the kitchen.

 Due to aesthetic reasons I wish to replace them with something that looks different, has style, chic and not your ordinary run of the mill speaker.

Budget is up to 25,000US (I would love to spend less….).

I listen at low-moderate volumes as this is the living the speakers MUST perform well at low volumes

 I have narrowed this to 4 options (unless u guys have a different opinion):


1.       Wilson Sabrina

2.       The new Wilson Yvette

3.       Focals Sopra no.2

4.       Focals La Scala v2

  One more point for your consideration.

 Many years ago I was the owner of a System 5.1,  For some reason I decided to replace them with the Sophia 1.

This was a big mistake. I lost all the dynamics and drama I used to have with the 5.1 and had to sell the Sophia and purchase the system 6.


Thank you so MUCH

The Magico S1 Mk II + Subwoofers + room treatment will beat all of those sound and looks wise for significantly less if you have the floor space to let them breathe.  They have a better, smoother and more lively top end. than any of those listed, and gobs of dynamics and sound well at low levels.  On the minus, they really do need a sub, lots of space to the sides, and are terribly insensitive, so a 250W amplifier is a minimum.


Hi Erik.

Thanks for your response. 

Unfortunately there are space and room constraints i.e no place to add an external amp (the system is in a special designated closed space)
And there is  no option to acousticaly treat the already furnished living room...
Thus  your good advise will not work in my situation,  but thanks anyway.

Are you just looking to upgrade the front speakers? What are your surrounds?