Help me recommend some speakers for a friend

I've been helping a budding audiophile build a new budget but still nice system. He lives in another state, so it's been an exercise of email swapping. Some items have been my recommendation while others are of his own choosing.

So far he's built a system with:

VPI Scout with a Sumiko Blue Point Special
Project Phono Box SE II with RCA tubes
Yaqin MS-13B (a ~50W Chinese push-pull EL34 amp)
Kimber 4PR speaker cable
KEF iQ30 speakers on stands

The KEFs were a good upgrade compared to his older speakers, but he really wants something with more bass. The problem is he has a smallish room with wood floors, so I'm not about to recommend a large floorstander or panel speakers. Any recommendations in the sub-$1k category?
Add a REL subwoofer.
An inexpensive option that will work well in a small room and deliver plenty o bass are the dynaudio excites. Very easy to drive. A terrific little loudspeaker.
How small a room are you talking?
I second the REL. I have a T-3 in a small with wood floors and it does very well
Spendor s8e. Moderately sized floor stander - great value used. Terrific w/ 50 watts of tube juice.
A Rel sub would be the way to go It will give him all the bass he will need.
I second a subwoofer, but not necessarily a REL. Lotsa good subs out there, such as JL, Martin Logan, PSB, Paradigm, B&W, etc. For KEF monitors I would have looked at the XQ series from for near what he paid for the IQ's. Should have higher resolution. He'd still need a sub or two.
You/he might take a look at "the Clue" monitor from Sjofn HiFi.
Tekton M-Lore, about 95db efficient, 8 ohm nominal impedance, gets down to 38hz, $649.00, see Stereo Mojo review, received major mojo award. Seriously good.
thanks everyone. I'm normally not a fan of subwoofers (I'll admit my experience is minimal with them) but this may work out best for him.
Another vote for the Tekton M-Lore, should work extremely well with the Yaqin amp.
Just came back from the New York HiFi Show at the Waldorf Astoria and was blown away by a compact monitor bookshelf speaker called The Clue, by Sjofn Audio. This speaker goes down to 28 Hz, throws a big soundstage, sounds balanced throughout the range, and for $999, I was more impressed by this speaker than I was listening to speakers costing 10 to 15 times as much. I am not affiliated with this company, just very impressed by how much sound one can get for not much money nowadays. They must be placed within 2 inches to the wall and sit on speaker stands not more than 22 inches high. I may end up buying a pair.
Hiendmuse, I don't like the idea of HAVING to place the speakers against the wall to get the best sound from this speaker. That may work well for some, but I have always had my speakers a few feet from the front wall, and there is no way I could or want to place my speakers against the wall.
I am second the Clue. big sound with a small price tag. I maybe buy a pair to replace my 15yrs old Paradigm studio ref 20 in my bedroom
Toddnkaya, the close to the wall setup is recommended by the manufacturer for best bass response. You can move it out away from the wall, but will not get same performance.