Help me read this resistor

I am re-capping and changing out the resistors in some Tannoy PBM 6.5 monitors.  The resistors are cheap Chinese resistors and read:
RX27-1 (this is the model)
Are these 7 watts and 4ohms?  I'm struggling to find it online.  The speakers read about 4 ohms when I test them.
Thanks for your help!
Try the forums! You can post your pics too. :)

But yes, 7W and 4 Ohms sounds right. You need to take the resistor out of the circuit to measure.

Thanks Erik.  I will take it out of the circuit and measure it just to be sure.
So, it must say 1R4 because it is 1.4ohms.  
DOH! I really need to brush up on my soldering skills. :)