Help me please, I don't have ground?

Please help me.
Today i have new Shunyata Typhon alpha for my accuphase A60 amps. But when i connect it with my amps and play...I listen hum noise from my speakers.
After try to find out any wrong in my system. There are two ways to correct this noise (i found by myself)
1. When i use adapter (without ground line) with the new Typhon (it still connect with accuophase A60) any noise sound is gone.
2. When i disconnect the analog cable between pre and my amps.
Please, friends in audiogon help me and give me information about this... and how to correct.
1. This event occur because no ground line in my listening room?
2. If i don't have ground line in my room. How to direct connect my AC cord directly without any adaptor (it's probably weakness point of my system)?

Thank for response.
(Excuse me, i am not good in English)

Pongpan (Bomberman).
it didn't happen with the other power cord you had on the amp before you tried the Taipan?
it could be different things. First I would check for ground loops. If you have cable tv near your system, the hum could be caused by the cable tv.
Thank Audphile1
I'll check it soon.

The same noise was occur with my monster power cord (prior to typhon). Now I used this monster power cord with Denon AVR, (no any problem with denon AVR?).
It's more likely you too many grounds, rather than none. Rule of thumb, use the least odd number of grounds. Obviously, one is ideal.
I think your receiver has 2 prongs IEC so it is most likely didn't have the same hum noise problem because with the receiver's 2-prong IEC, it's like uing a cheater plug.
It seems like you are not sure if you have a proper ground in your wiring. If you live in the United States you can purchase a simple testing device (less than $10) in any hardware store. Simply plug it into the wall outlet and see what LEDs light up. It will tell you if you have a proper ground or not. It also tests several other problems like hot/neutral reversed.

There should be similar devices for other countries with different outlet configurations. Great little tool that every audiophile should have.