Help me Please???

I have just purchase a Classe CAV-150 6ch amp, and after watching a Movie this amp is very very hot. It might burn the skin if you touch it for too long. Is this normal from highend amplifiers? This is my first really highend amp and I just want to make sure there isn't something wrong with it. Any input would be grateful.
Call the maker and ask this question. Is this hard to figure out? If your Ford is overheating do you place an ad in the local newspaper for advice or do you call the Ford dealer? What are you thinking, asking people on audiogon what they think when you can ask the MAKER?
Biz: There are nicer ways to state this. Aaron has just bought his first highend amp and probably can't contact Classe nor his dealer tonight. Let's not come down on him with both feet, lest he think all 'philes are hostile to newbies.
I have two Classe CA 400's that I run bridged and they get very hot at times. The above advice is good though. Contact Classe and talk to them. they are top notch to deal with and you will get a very quick response. You can email them through there website.
Hi Aaron, my classe amp gets hot also, the heat sinks get really hot, I'm driving Thiels which are a tough load. Your amp will get hot to the touch and your heat sinks should be as hot as you describe. However, your amp should only be warm when in standby mode but after a 2 hr movie with lots of dynamics it should be hot. Make sure the amp has plenty of room to breath - do contact Classe they are quick to answer any questions.
Biz, why so hostile? Although calling a manufacturer about a problem is the obvious thing to do, even the best customer service departments can be a pain in the neck to deal with at times. It might take 10 minutes on hold, or a "we'll call you right back", or "so and so's not here today", or explaining yourself a number of times until you finally reach the correct party. Why NOT reach out to Audiogon members for advice? That is a good part of what these forums are all about. I for one am very grateful for some of the advice given here, why not answer the question if you can, instead of scolding someone?
Yes, It does get hot after watching a movie. I think, this is normal for CA-150.But important thing is to have enough headroom above the amp and also good circulation from front to back. Classe says to have at least 6 " for this amp. But do call Classe.
Hey Biz, get a life. Hi Aaron all is good advise except the one with a problem. I had a Classe amp and was using Goertz cables and they shut the amp down because it got so hot. I then changed cables and everything was fine. I put the Goertz back in and the same thing happened. Just my experience, if yours doesn't shut down it's probably ok, they do get pretty hot when driven. Just call Classe' on monday, they are very nice and helpful, nice amp btw.