Help me pick the right monitor

I'm looking for a higher class monitor that can handle 80 watts of pure Class A power. I've currently got Acoustic Energy AESPRIT 300s, hooked to a Jungson JA-88D by Ridge Street Audio Poeima !! Signature speaker cables. Actually, the AE's are quite good but I'm looking for a speaker with a quality cabinet that can keep resonance down as this amp really delivers bass. Wanting to improve from 40Hz which may require an 8" woofer(??) Looking for a high degree of transparancy with excellent detail. I know...I want it all! (As most of us do) I've been considering Reference 3 DeCapo's and am looking to spend up to $2K. These are for my home office system so as much as I would like to have floor standers, monitors must be used. The room dimensions are 10x18. Thanks for your input.
Look for Totem may be your cup of tea.
If you look hard you might be able to find a pair of original JMlabs Micro-Utopias for right at $2K. These are the speakers I own and I can't say enough good things about them. Best of all they're incredliby easy to drive, I've used as little as 12 watts. Good luck and happy listening!
You want a quiet cabinet and good "monitor bass" with detail and transarency... please consider Green Mountain Audio Callistos. They list just above your price point new, but I'm sure something can be worked out to get you close. You'll find that certain members are passionate about their personal favorite (including me), but I'd love for you to hear what I'm hearing. Feel free to contact me about specifics or better yet, give Roy a call at GMA, or e-mail him through their web site here.
If you want the best sounding monitor on the market then look at ....they are having a 30% off sale right now....look over on the audio circle forum for more on this
I'd also give a vote for auditioning the Green Mountain Callistos ( which I got to hear first hand at CES last year) as well as the Intuitive Design Summitts by Denali.

I'd put these two choices ina different class than some of the other offerings mentioned personally.
Try the Diapason Adamantes used.I believe this are
the speakers you are dsecribing, click my system
picture are posted, this is Bons Second System.
If the specs are accuarte then the DeCapoi dosen't go quite as deep in bass as your AE's. The DeCapoi is 42hz (+/-3db). The Decapo do have 8" woofers but they give up a few hz on the low end for better effeciency.

I really doubt if you'll find anything in a bookshelf that goes noticably lower then the 40hz you already have.

I run the Jungson JA88D with Eastsound CD-E5 along with Focus Audio FS688's. They are specs to 45hz but with the Jungson/Eastsound combo (both which are outstanding in bass) I have no complaints about bass in a room similar in size to yours. The quality in bass more then makes up for any lack of depth.

They sell for $3k but on rare occasion are available used on Audiogon.

BW MaxxC
I was thinking along the same lines as "Mijknarf". The Callistos are incredible speakers. When you mention "higher class" are you refering to the sound, or the looks of the cabinet? The Callistos are made from cast marble and only come in black (with some wood trim at the bottom).
as you can see everyone has their favorite. mine is tyler acoustics. this is a factory direct speaker that has caught the attention of both stereophile as well as absolute sound at the 2005 CES and CEDIA SHOWS. if you are looking for a monitor with stands, this company also makes the stands that fit the speaker with no overhang. the model is the linbrook signature monitor. its a d'appolito design with all SEAS magnesium drivers as well as their MILLENIUM tweeter. freq. response is 35-25 khz and is rear ported. i also have their top of the line WOODMERE model and could not be happier with both models. i will say the linbrook signature monitors do need a medium sized or more room to really let the sound open up. check their site out or even call ty lashbrook at tyler acoustics. great person, company and what i call a sleeper speaker concidering the high priced speakers today. both models saved me alot of money from other models i had on the wish list. no regrets because its all about the sound not what they cost.

Wilson Benesch Discovery. Awesome finish and great sound quality.
I had these speakers hooked up to a Mac SS integrated and found the bass to be tuneful bot not powerful. I thought the midrange was excellent but the highs were too recessed. This probably was due to my amp. I would imagine the highs on yours are better. I think that you will only be able to get a little better bass at the sacrifice of detail. You can only move so much air with a two way. Have you considered a sub?
Thanks you so much guys...I really appreciate everyone's response so far. In checking out the Green Mountain website, I found a dealer fairly close to me. I will definately give them a visit. Tin, what an incredible group of speakers these appear to be. A little more than what I'm willing to spend right now though. Bill...Yes, I have seen the Tyler Acoustics speakers on this sight for years. I will contact Ty as I am quite serious about finding the right speakers. Pthai, hadn't even thought about Wilsons...I'll do some checking.
for 2k get a nice floorstander and hear what you miss with monitors.....totem,wharfedale,castle....lots more
You may also want to look at the Phil Jones designed AAD 2001 monitors. It would be difficult to find a more inert cabinet than the 2001. I have a pair and really like them.

Link to review:

They are currently imported by NAT Distribution. Here is a dealer that sells them:

Lowfidelity, you can put weights on top of your speakers and components and get the same effects too....AMAZING TWEAK! A must try tweak........

Very amusing link!