Help me pick an Integrated for Tannoy XT6F

Picked up a pair of Tannoy XT6F at a good price. Need the forum's advise on picking a matching Integrated Amp.

Source is Oppo-UDP203 for CD / SACD /DVD-Audio and planning to add a turntable down the road. So, a good phono stage is a requirement. Have an Arcam for HT Duties.

Prefer an Integrated with HT Bypass as I can't afford a separate set of speakers. The ones that come to mind are Musical Fidelity, Cyrus One, Creek Evo, etc...

Budget $800 - $1200 - can stretch a little but not a whole lot.

Thanks in advance, Regards
Your Tannoys are nice speakers and will not be difficult to drive.  

You did not indicate new or used, so I will assume new.  One unit immediately comes to mind and that's the Marantz PM8005.  At exactly $1200 new, it has everything your looking for - a good phono stage, HT bypass, ample power output at 70 wpc into 8 and 100 wpc into 4 ohms continuous and its built at the Marantz reference factory in Japan making it an extremely high quality amp for the money.

The brands you specify above are all nice amps but will not offer you both a phono stage or HT Bypass in a model at your budget.  

I have Bel Canto c5i which does analog, phono and digital (also quality headphone amp) and have considered those Tannoys for use with it. That would be my choice.  Used would be in your price range.  Mine was.
+1 for the Marantz PM8005. Great sound and build quality. 


Thanks to all of you. Appreciate your input. The Bel Canto C5i looks very interesting, will definitely check it out.