Help me pick an integrated

I’m looking for advice on an integrated amplifier for my bedroom setup. My speakers are Monitor Audio RX6; 88db, 6 ohms nominal (4 ohm @ 200Hz). I consider these speakers forward and bright, and I’m looking for a warmer amp to tame them. With these speakers I enjoy the Marantz house sound and I’m put off by Yamaha, just to give an idea what I’m after. Room size is approx 20’ x 14’ w/ a listening position 12ft from the speakers. I don’t want a subwoofer. I listen to every genre, so I want as much headroom as is practical. My current amp delivers 160wpc @ 0.1% THD and 220wpc dynamic power into 4 ohms (measured). I consider it a good performer, though the maths say this isn’t giving me the headroom I want (20db) and that I may be experiencing inaudible clipping. I listen to heavy metal at 90dbspl, classical at 85dbspl (I'm fine with less headroom for metal). I consider a photo stage a must. Budget is $3.5k max but don’t want to spend more than I have to. Not currently interested in class D. Thank you!