Help me pick a new pair of speakers

Help me pick a new pair of speakers

My equipment list is listed below. 

I like my Revel M105 speakers but feel there is something better available. So, if anyone can recommend a starting point or a set of speakers, please feel free. My budget is around 4K. I would really like to stay with bookshelf's but will consider others. My listing room is my living room is 13x21 ft.

Current setup:
Rogue Audio RP-5
Rogue Audio Hydra
Gold Note PH-10 w/PS-10
Rega planar P8 W/Ania Pro
Revel m105
SVS SB1000

I'm really looking for:
-better sound quality
-better sound stage and image
-more refinement

Just something that sounds better than what I have. I don't want a new set of speakers just to have a new set.
I rally want something better then what I have. So far I have been reading about the following speakers:
-Dynaudio Special 40
-B&W 705 Signature
-Revel M126Be
-ProAC Response D2/R/D
-Monitor Audio Gold 100

At this point the only speakers I have auditioned are the Monitor Gold 200 (out of my budget). I my be able to audition the Revel at Crutchfield soon. I listen to jazz 85% of the time. The other 15% is a mix of everything.



If I was in your shoes, I would simply upgrade the components with better parts.  That would be more on an impact than a new pair of speakers, etc.


Happy Listening.  

I'd stick to either Fritz or Monitor Audio platinum series. Stick with the satellite/sub situation.

+1 Harbeth P3ESR

There is a dealer selling a demo Maple pair here for $1900. You should make an offer on them!!


Triangle Signature Theta. Efficient, and tube friendly. Great for jazz. 

I just went through the process of buying new speakers with a similar budget. My short list came down to Fritz Speakers and Spatial Audio. I was able to demo Spatials but not the Fritz. I went with a pair of Spatial M4s because of the open baffle design. They have incredible sound stage and detail. I doubt I’ll ever go back to a box speaker, but if I had to, I’d start with Fritz.