Help me pick a Dynaudio

So I went to this store in middle-of-nowhere rural Japan today, and they had some amazing speakers (new and used).

I went to listen to the Confidence C1 Platinums and the KEF Reference 1s. I ended up liking the Confidence C1s a lot more. Maybe it’s because I’ve been using the Dynaudio Contour 1.1s for so long I’ve just become used to their sound, but I wasn’t really drawn the the KEFs (though they were clearly a great speaker in general).

After listening to the C1s, I listened to the Focus 340s. They're selling the floor model for cheap:

I could tell that the sound wasn’t as "pure" as the Confidence 1 C1 Platinums, but there was something I really liked about them. I’m not a basehead at all, but there was something really relaxed and comforting about the sound of the 340s that really drew me. And the floor model for $4,000 seems like a good deal.

One more possibility: They also have a used set of Sapphires for about $10,000, or the same price as the C1s. Only, I can’t audition them. There’s only one guy there, and he says they just don’t have the staff to audition used merchandise. This doesn’t really make sense, since he let me audition everything else, but I’ve long since learned that it’s pointless to try to argue with Japanese people about following rules.

I would be using the speakers in a relatively small room: about 14 X 18 feet.

So, I really can’t make up my mind. I was ready to spend 10K on the C1s, but unexpectedly liked the full-size 340s. I’ve never had a full-sized speaker before. But if I really liked the 340, I can’t help but think that the Sapphire would be just incredible. If only they would let me audition it!

Sorry for rambling. ;)

Any input would be appreciated. Anybody familiar with the Sapphire and either the 340 or the C1s, and could provide some meaningful comparisons?

(I'll be driving all these with a Krell 300 KAVi, listening to mostly acoustic/classical music at moderate volumes.)

There is a reason why they won't let you audition the Sapphires - and being not completely truthful towards you would be a good reason to move on and not let them have your hard-earned monies.
I concur w/ miner42.  Move on to a different dealer/retailer that will work on your system based upon your wishes.
While I understand where you guys are coming from, what is absolutely ridiculous in other countries is pretty run-of-the mill here. :)

I doubt they are trying to scam me, but then again there is also no reason to give them my hard-earned monies, either, I guess. Still the Sapphire might be nice.....

...while i like when speaker can provide scale i would always opt for bookshelf of the class above floorstander if considered between two...C1s have better cabinet and is more musical speaker than those two...little different...Focus and Sapphire are more forward sounding speakers while C1s are more laid back...more forgiving with great mids...nicer to listen over long haul...they are made for music you listen...and is not shy on a bass for a not fan of a Krell but i am sure it will do the job for C1s...however i think its questionable it  would give justice to Sapphires regarding the power...
I agree..C1s..add a nice sub and bam, your done
OK, I think I agree. I am about to go back to the States. If I pick up a pair of C1s in the States and bring them back to Japan, they'll still be under warranty, right? 
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Krell for start will be fine,I used to drive s1.4 and c1 with krell kav500i.Krell has ability to control speakers very well.My krell works fine with s1.4 LE fine
I would contact Dynaudio regarding warranty. Here in the states the warranty follows the speaker regardless if you are the original owner.

I owned C1's and later C1 Sig's for about 6 years. Great speaker. I had heard the Sapphires on many occasions. They have more forward sound. They are quite lively and punchy with deeper lows. Highs will be a bit brighter even though it has the same Esotar2 tweeter. When I first heard them all I could say is WOW. But in my personal opinion/taste I can't listen to them very long when playing them LOUD. Although both speakers have the same Dynaudio sound they are very different in the way the music is presented.

That said I haven't heard the Focus 340's. But I will say I have found that as you move up the Dyn ladder the sound gets a little more refined with each step up. Also Dyn should start shipping the new Contour 'C' series around October of this year. They are also working on an 'Evidence' monitor.
Thanks everyone for your advice. 

I have basically decided on the C1s, but am also flirting with the idea of the C2s. My only concern, aside from cost, and wife, is whether or not they would be too big for my 14x18' room. 

Would the C2s be able to "breathe" in a room that size? I don't want to spend the money and have them not be able to exert their inherent awesomeness. 

I would get C1s and subs before C2s...C2 has always been a compromised design as it's a 2.5 way
...C2 will be good for that shape of my humble opinion more valid question is "are C2s deserve more powerful and most important more quality amplification than you currently own?"...wouldnt be better to invest in a higher level amp to mate it with C1s and get them to a clearly another level for the difference you would invest in C2s...or have averagely sounding C2 with your will get more deeper bass, higher and bigger soundstage with C2s but fundamental refinment in sound of Confidence series will get you only a higher level equipment in the rest of the chain...not to say your amp is bad or something...
@raindog031 How are you? Been a while. Anyhow I have to agree 100% with you regarding the SQ of the different Dyn's. As far as the C2's in the OP's room I would question which wall they would be on. If the 18' wall there shouldn't be any problem except for the taller vertical soundstage if that would even be a problem (for me it was - I don't care for the tall soundstage). On the 14' wall they could be a bit much without a lot of room treatments especially in the low end. My room is 26' X 14' and I had the C2's on my 26' wall and the extra low end was everywhere except in the 'sweet spot'. 14' wall for me is not an option - bummer.

@keithr The C2 is still considered a 2 way not 2.5 per the Dyn reps in the states. I will agree that the C1 with a good sub will perform similar to C2's without the taller soundstage. I have a Rel B3 and used it only to add to what the C1's couldn't do. A match made in heaven IMO especially for the money.

Dyn's especially the confidence series are world class speakers. You will have to spend boatloads more gold bars to get better IMO.

Good luck whatever you finally decide
I have always preferred a monitor + sub bass system over a full range speaker.  I feel the monitor/sub images (soundstage) better when properly integrated together.