Help me pick a Dac

Budget 4000

I currently have the latest version of the Bluesound Node and a PS Audio Stellar Gaincell Dac for the digital Frontend. I stream qobuz and flac from a networked drive.
The rest of system is a Backert Lab Rhumba 1.3 , Schiit aiger monos and Zu soul 6 speakers. Also have a Nottingham horizon turntable, Hana cart and Lehman Cube phono pre. I think the modest tt sounds more natural and holographic compared to my digital frontend so I think I can do better.
Also I’m pretty isolated as far as audio goes so I’ve only heard my own system and likely will have buy without an audition.





Just a correction regarding the post above from @woots, the Lumin T2 is not a current model. They've had the improved model T3 which has been out for some time.

Gold Note DS10 EVO with separate PSU 10 EVO.  Must be the EVO version of the power supply.  Around $4000.  Best bargain in digital

I'm running a Bluesound Node 2i moded with a TeddyPardo Linear Power Supply; the power supply upgrade made a significant improvement.  The problem with the higher end streamers for me is their OS lack of support for many streaming services.  I  use Amazon HD and Idagio and can't find one that supports these,  however the BluOS does.  I'm using a PS Audio Directstream DAC Mk1; prior to that I had a Stellar Gain Cell dac; big improvement with the Directstream.  From everything I'm reading,  the Mk2 is even better. Another one to consider,  if the Mk2 is not in your budget,  is the new Stellar Gold DAC.  I  purchased the new Stellar Gold Preamp and am very happy with it, and the Stellar Gold Preamp is getting great reviews. 

Thanks everyone, also dammit I sorta want a lumin t3 now. 
To answer some questions above I’m using coax from the node to the dac and balanced out of the dac. Additionally I had the dac first and the node replaced a laptop running Audirvāna usb to the dac.  The difference was subtle but I could never get Audirvāna to maintain a connection to my apple devices so it went. 


Count me in as another one who has had both and the SGC dies NOT "hold it's own."