help me pick a DAC to go w/ Manley Stingray

hi guys, i picked up a Manley Stingray integrated tube amp and i'm looking for a <$1000 DAC to go with it.

i'm thinking about getting the dacmagic to save money, but was curious what people thought.. should i spring for a dac1 or something more expensive?

if anyone owns a manley amp, that'd be very helpful too

no USB needed, optical input only

Yesterday you posted this........
hello, i currently have a mhdt havana for my dac and i'm looking for a nice SS integrated under 2k

Did you try the MHDT with the Manley?
i did and decided it wasn't a great combo... too much tubes i think.. im going to sell the havana and go for another dac, maybe the dacmagic or psa dl3
music hall dac 25.2 is another option.
I liked my Apogee Mini-DAC a lot better than either the Cambridge DACMagic or the Music Hall 25.2. In both cases I thought the highs were cleaner and the sound was warmer and more dynamic.
DAC to go with Stingray? What about the speakers?

I'm always amazed by how much the sound takes on the character of the transport.
Agree with Rrog that your speaker choice is more germain to the sound you will get. You should also mention what characteristics you are after and what music styles you listen to (and what you like about it).

That said, I ran a PS Audio DL3 with my Stingray (ProAc 1SC speakers) and was quite happy. You can get one new for about $650 as they are being phased out in favor of the new Perfect Wave series. For your $1,000 price, there are second hand ones here on the 'gon that have Cullen modifications too (which I had done to mine).

Many people are fans of the Benchmark as well but it's most common criticism is that it is on the analytical side - something that might not agree with the already aggressive Stingray. But if you like the Stingray, you probably like that sound anyway. You will have to go used to stay under $1k.

Lots of other good options out there. Good luck.