Help me out please all you old timers!

I am looking for any information on an a set of JBL L250TI's. This speaker I guess was made in the mid-late 70's. I'd appreciate any help on locating info or a set of them. Thanks very much.
I have a pair of JBL L65's which I purchased around 1977. haven't played them in years and wouldn't mind selling them. I have a vague recollection of the L250TI's. Are they book shelf speakers? The jubals are floor standing but quite short. If you are interested in thew L-65's you can e-mail me at [email protected] By the way - I take it from the manner in which you labeled your post that you are not in the diplomatic corps.
sorry for the way I posted the message. I just try to figure out ways to get attention to the post. No harm intended, besides the guys with the years behind them usually have the best knowledge!KGB
The 250Ti's which featured a 15' bass driver, a 8'mid and 1" titanium tweeter sold in the mid '80's for 1699/pr. Quite heavy too tipped the scales at 150lbs