help me maximize my sonus faber concertinos

Where can I get the biggest improvement for my current system?

Sonus Faber Concertinos
Velodyne VA 1012 II subwoofer
NAD T750 receiver
Panasonic DVD-A310 (doubles as CD player)
DH Labs BL1 interconnects
Analysis Plus Oval 12 speaker cable

I definitely want to keep the speakers and cabling, everything else is fair game. I mostly listen to classical, some rock and pop, an occasional movie. Most important system consideration: must be musical/exciting/emotionally involving; detail and imaging are next.

Main Problem: the sub doesn't integrate well. It has a fixed, non-defeatable, 85hZ crossover. My receiver sends a FULL signal to the mains plus everything below 100hZ to the sub. This makes the bass very muddy because the Concertinos go down to 55hZ.

- get a receiver with bass management
- get a new sub with a variable crossover for bass fill
- get an amp and use the sub's crossover with LR pre-outs
- forget your bass problem and get a real CD/SACD player
- something I haven't thought of

I don't want to use the sub's crossover with speaker inputs/outputs because it has spring clips which preclude the use of quality speaker cables. Also, I read that this way sucks.

Please recommend specific brands, models, and a crossover frequency. Ideally I would like budget $500 for this and absolutely not over a $1000. Used is OK. I am limited in space and would prefer to replace equipment, but if I need to make space for additional hardware, so be it


If you could find a used REL Strata III sub to replace the Velodyne it would be just what the doctor ordered. REL subs integrate better than any I've ever heard but new they are about $1500. I haven't seen many used but it would be worth keeping your eyes open for one under 1K.
I second Blackie. The REL sub is a good way to go. But you might also consider a good electronic crossover--such as a Marchand or Bryston (if you want to keep the Velodyne and/or the NAD).
I started off with a 12 inch Velodyne and moved up to a Rel. It wont move as much air as the Velodyne but intergration and the quality of bass is far superior. In the mean time you might want to try putting the sub on a small stand or box to get it off the floor. I had the same complaint about my Velodyne and getting it off the floor six inches made a significant difference.