Help Me Interim Speakers Suggestions?

Health & location problems are forcing me to move from my big house with my 24' x 22' listening room to a much smaller house or condo. This will require me to part with my beloved B&W 802 with accompanying large outboard Northcreek crossovers, as the combo will take up too much space in a smaller room. Plus, I need to simplify & downsize my complex system. Most likely my new place will end up having a 16 x 14 room, or smaller, and will be either a living room or a bedroom.

I find speakers to be one of the hardest things to choose, and expect it will be some time until I find something full range yet not overly large that I will be happy with. So, I'm looking to pick up some bookshelf or floor standing speakers on Audiogon that will sound good and be easy to resell a little later.

Any suggestions? Thoughts of mine were PSB Stratus Gold Mini, Vandersteen 1C, Thiels. I like accuracy and clarity, but not coldness. I don't find my 802's cold, just accurate, and since I use tubes, I have an accurate, but slightly warm overall result. Appreciate your suggestions.
I would strongly suggest to check on Harbeth monitors. They are all you are looking for, you might not even go back! Good Luck!
I like Harbeths, but better yet I like the ATC line. They are quite amazing in every respect.
Harbeth recommendation #3. I listened to the Compact 7s yesterday with a Naim system. They are fantastic sounding speakers which, according to one review, work even better in a smaller room such as yours. I personally like the looks also but not everyone's cup of tea(a big box). I found what I liked about them hard to put into words. They seemed very real and neutral. Some would say polite but that stems more from listening to too many forward sounding speakers. They are incredibly resolving with no hint of confusion on complex music.
I have heard the Tetra Bullits and Reference 3a Dulcet's.
Both work well with tubes.The bullits are more of a finess speaker and the Dulcets have a bit more bottom end.
The bullits are a sealed enclosure.
I have not heard the Harbeths, so I can make no judgement on them.

However, I have heard the Tetra speakers, and they do sound incredible, especially for the size and price.

Another thought is the small Sonus Faber speakers (I can not remember the model) sound very musical, virtually disappearing from the sound stage. I bit colored, but in a good way.)

The Revel M20s might also be a good choice. Very accurate, great soundstaging, but not the deepest of bass obviously.

Good Luck in your search.
I would chime in with another Harbeth recommendation. I recently purchased a set of HL-P3ES monitors for a smaller upstairs room and must say that they are very nice and possessing of a certain alluring quality that is difficult to summarize. Detailed and accurate yet NOT at all cold...IMHO at any rate. Decent bass for their size as well and quite flexible with set-up.
Thanks for your suggestions. I have heard good things about Harbeths, but I'm looking for something I can find at close to half of retail on Audiogon, so I can later resell it. It doesn't appear I'll be finding such deals on Harbeth, or Tetra or Dulcet.

I remember a large minimonitor of Sonus, perhaps the Amator? It did sound great. Nice and full, robust. If this was colored, I sure didn't care. But they were expensive speakers. At a price point I'm not considering are the Sonus Cremonas. In the setup I heard, I found them to be too laidback and wondered what all the excitement about them was. Sounded totally different than the Amators I remember.

How about NHT? I read Stereophile's Nov.99 review of the 2.9 (not a small speaker, but take up less room than my 802's w/crossovers), but was turned off by a comment that the midrange was almost a bit recessed and there was a bit of shrillness on top, and the bass so flat, that there lacked the nice rounded fullness that a small bass plateau gives to the sound.

Don't know if I'd like Thiels, as they may sound too thin and analytical. Other suggestions greatly appreciated.
sounds interesting from the comments I have heard etc
The cabinets are made from 3/4" MDF and are well braced internally for a quiet cabinet. The cabinets are veneered in your choice of oak, cherry, or walnut veneers, and then given several coats of lacquer for a high-gloss luster.

This moderately sized speaker delivers remarkable detail balanced with surprising bass extension and low distortion.
Shamrock Audio Keelin

Dual 5" "Sandwich-Cone" Woofers
1" Textile Dome Tweeter
Air-Core Inductors
Separate High-pass / Low-Pass Boards.
Bi-Wire Capable
* (4 ohm speaker)
They have been discussing this new model called the Keelin
On Blue Circle..$ 749.00 a pair
this and another product I forget the name of it for affordable end of the spectrum..
If still own PS audio amp, i think i would consider Vandersteen 1c, as you suggested yourself.
Also consider JM Reynaud speakers. Sound great according to your needs and are popular yet somewhat rare on Audiogon so should be fairly easy to resell.
I am suprised nobody has mentioned Dynaudio's. I just sold a pair of special 25's that would seem to fit your bill. I think they sounded wonderful(good bottom end for a stand mount), and played many types of music well. I regretted selling mine............but needed the money.
I recommend Von Schweikert VR1, 2, 3 series, and Silverline SR17, Panatella, Sonatina series - even used ones. These monitor/towers are perfect for average to small rooms. High quality components and easy to drive. Good resale value. Overall well designed speakers.
If you have the power (What amp do you have?) then you've GOT to check out Dynaudio. $3500 for the Special 25s is a STEAL, and low $2000s is a very good price for the S1.4s. Either of those would IMPROVE on some aspects of the B&W N802s

I suggest you look the Revel M22 loudspeaker. The Revel M22 is compact and a bookshelf-sized speaker. Revel is a high-end loudspeaker company owned by Harman International. This speaker targets audio enthusiasts who are looking for excellent sound and build quality at more reasonable prices than their high-end ines. The M22s cost $2,000+ per pair, plus optional stands and grilles. The M22s are rear-ported, two-way loudspeakers, featuring a six-and-a-half-inch inverted magnesium-alloy woofer, with a low-frequency extension to 44 Hz at -3 dB and a one-inch custom aluminum-alloy dome tweeter. hope this helps. cheers.
Totem Mani-2's: small stand mounted, but you will get great bass, and a very musical speaker - - especially if paired with high powered tubes. Got to have at least 100 watts with an amp noted for good bass control.
Klipsch Reference series RB-5 two way tractix horn with 96db, 8 ohms, 48 > 20khz. Can be ordered new from at least three places with warranty for less than 600 online.

Very good speakers; great construction.