Help me insert preamp between HT receiver and amp


I just got a NAD 1700 preamp and NAD 2600 amp. I currently have a harman kardon DPR 2005 HT receiver.

I'd like to connect the analog audio from my dvd player to the preamp directly to play 2 channel stereo sound. That is all fine and dandy. I'd connect the digital coax from the dvd player to the receiver for DTS/DD/etc processing. From the receiver L/R channels preout, I'd like to connect to the preamp. The NAD 1700 doesn't has an auxiliary input. It has CD, Video, Phono, Tape1, Tape2, etc but no AUX input. can I take the preout from the receiver and connect to any unused input such as Video, Tape1, tape2, etc on the preamp ?


yes, any of the available inputs EXCEPT phono will work
Thanks. Will try it out tonight.
connect to any available input but you will have to bring the volume on NAD preamp up to match the center channel level of the receiver when you're watching a movie.