Help me identify this turntable

I bought this turntable the other day:

I must admit I bought partly on looks alone :) And the seller told me it should be an early Opus3. But it is not. I have contacted Bo Hansson of Opus3 and he does not recognise it.

Do any of you know this turntable ? It is belt driven, 3 point suspended chassis, very heavy, RB300 arm (I am sure that one is not original since I can see there has been a tonearm holder at some time). The subchassis is very sturdy almost brutal. As far as I can see the turntable cannot play 45rpm.


Here's a pic of the new one, they came with RB250/300 arms and had the ROUND arm board cut out, were glass black and had the switch where your is.

I have been a SOTA owner for 10 years, first the Star Series III and recently the Nova Series V. One thing I would encourage you to do now that you know it is a SOTA Comet is to call Kirk and Donna at SOTA if you need further information. They provide excellent customer service. Enjoy your new SOTA.
Mirland, I agree...that is a great looking table! Thanks for the pic. and enjoy!