Help me identify my Audioquest Speaker Cables

I received these on a trade. Picture in my "Getting Started" Systems post.

Audioquest rep says they are AQ Red from several years ago and sold for $500/pr. Supposed to have "Surface Only" conductors, a plastic center section wrapped by multi-stranded wires. A high end product from back in the day.

Friend in the biz says no way, Audioquest Ruby, sold for maybe $100/pr at best.

Trying to figure out whether to use them or sell them to fund a set of decent interconnects.

My system is in pieces at the moment, so no listening tests.

Can anyone here shed some light on these fat red cables?
Agree $100 or so...
Ruby was Audioquest INTERCONNECT, not speaker cable. AQ always had different names/models for ICs and speaker cables. I think what you have are either Type 2 or Type 4. I sold these on a bulk roll when I had my store. There were $2.00 per foot, if I recall correctly.
That looks awfully like Audioquest Type 2 or 2+ speaker cable in single-wire configuration, only the photo makes it look Apogee purple whereas my Type 2+ is closer to brick red.

There are four conductors, two of them smaller in gauge than the others. A single-wire configuration has each smaller-gauge conductor twisted together with a larger one to make twin double runs of the same equivalent gauge.

I have a couple of lengths of Type 2+ in smaller systems. Price was about $2 a foot, as Mofimadness says. Not bad-sounding for the price.

You've confirmed my suspicions.

The cables are indeed brick red and $2 a foot would put my set at about $100 retail, as a friend suggested. I won't mention the name of the Audioquest rep who got my hopes up.

Ruby, those are at least a decade old.