Help me identify Kimber speaker cable

Many many years ago , I purchased a pair of Kimber Kable at their booth at the CES Show.  They are 4XX ( ie 4 conductors per terminal)  but I forget what type they are .   The insulation colors are blue and black and  the insulation material seem to be some form of teflon. These are certainly in their vintage category. Any ideas ?

I think it's the 4TC speaker cable.  They had 4 and 8 strand versions of this; their less expensive ones were used a different insulation (pvc, I think) and were grey and black.  A nice, simple copper wire that worked pretty well.
Tks.  Its quite a decent cable. 
Yes, I also believe it is the 4TC. I owned the 8TC of similar vintage, strands blue and black, teflon. A very decent cable. 

4tc for sure.  They have changed the color from black/blue to transparent/white, claiming that it sounds is certainly more transparent.
LOL! Never heard that the transparent/white sounded better, but look better.