Help me identify a song I'm desperate

It's an Irish ballad or anthem perhaps. It's is sung with great passion for about 1:10 seconds in this youtube video. It begins at the 1:00 mark. I must have this song. The singer's name would be a huge bonus! I know I'm asking a lot on this one.

Thanks everyone!
Have you tried using "Shazam" which is a smart phone app that you hold up to the music source and it identifies the song?
I tried to help using Shazam but the music is background to a narrative.
That video was a made for television documentary made in 2003. This is not going to be easy. Look up the name of the documentary and episode on Google and you might be able to get some info off of IMDB. This is from like a 10 episode documentary. . I would dig into this myself because I enjoy it but I have a 6:40 am to Chicago tomorrow. There's no doubt the information is available. When I first listened to it I thought it could be Delores O'riordan from the Cranberries. I would like to know myself because that's one beautiful voice.
Amazon seems to be the only place selling the video documentary and there is no information about the contributors on Amazon's site.

Amazon lists the Studio that created the DVD set as Image Entertainment. Searching for Image Entertainment only brings up an online discount DVD shop.

Someone has to know what this is! It's too good to be so obscure.