Help me hunt for a SS integrated

After many years of used amps I've decided to buy a new integrated. Unfortunately, I live in the tundra and the nearest audio stores are 50 miles away in Madison. Luckily, the city has several fine stores, out of which most brands can be auditioned. The problem is, I have limited time to listen--maybe once a week for a few hours--or to make trips back and forth. So I need to be focussed.

I've used Musical Fidelity, Classe and Macintosh to drive small, yet power hungry Theil 1.5s. They are supplimented by two REL Q201Es. My only source is a Classe CDP .5. My interconnects are Goertz Micropurl silver and the speaker cabling is River Cable Starflex. All power cords are 10ga hospital grade into a dedicated circuit. The room is 13 by 18 with curtained windows behind the speakers. The amp is solely for 2 channel, and it must be integrated and solid state. If possible, it should fit into the lower end of a 1K to 4K price range.

Help me save some time searching. What are my best options? Thanks.
>> Help me save some time searching. What are my best options? Thanks.<<

I would think sending an email to the retailers in Madison explaining what you're looking for would be a logical next step...

I would recommend Creek.
The new McIntosh MA6300 would a great choice. It would mate well with your system and sounds mighty fine.

I've been using a BAT 300X-SE in a small room with Thiel 1.6s and have no complaints.
The preamp section uses 2 6H30 tubes (10,000 hour lifspan) so it's not 100% solid state, however.
This is off the beaten path gear..I haven't heard this integrated yet. Since it will take 4 to 6 weeks to build it as an amplifier direct. I do own one of their buffers though. So I'm familiar with the sound they are into.

I'm not sure what sound you're looking for,but if it's neutral,dynamic and clean. I would consider checking out the Aussie built Burson PI-100 integrated. This unit is fully discrete from front to back. I talked to one of the builders of this amplifier.He told me.. the unit doesn't sell for much more than the cost to actually make it. It cost $785 USD plus shipping. I was told they had 5 available now to ship. After these five are sold, the rest are built to order which takes 4 to 6 weeks. With two 500 watt trannies, it won't have any problems driving your speakers.

I'm guessing this unit will sonically go head to head with the Bryston integrates if not well exceed them.. which cost considerably more. I have no affiliation with this company..I just know how well built their equipment is. Just check the weight of this little integrate..nearly 30lbs! It's not the chassis's what they put inside these units which gives them the weight.

Compare that to any other well known integrate any where near the won't find one with that kind of build quality.These units are exclusively hand built in Australia.
University Audio in Madison carries Thiel loudspeakers. Give them a call & discuss your needs, they are definately the most laidback audio shop in Madison carrying excellent product lines. I have added a link to their very dated website. For some reason it hasn't been updated since last century (no joke!), but don't let that scare you away!
Suggest you do a search. There have been several threads on this subject here, some very recently. Good luck.
musical fidelity makes some good ones at great pricing.
University Audio also sells Krell, which in my experience, is perfect for Thiel.
Thanks everyone for your suggestions--keep them coming. Fresh ideas and alternative perspectives are what I'm after. To those whom have suggested University Audio, I have been there, often. They have a smart, though oddly aloof, crew that sells great products.