Help me help my friend...

Hi All,

A friend of mine just got a very good deal on a pair of lightly used PMC Twenty.21s, and is now looking for a moderately priced and relatively compact amplifier/CDP to pair with it. We heard it with the Rega Brio and liked that, but we also wanted to explore other options. She is also thinking about the Exposure 2010s2, and the Wyred4Sound Mint, and it looks like she could also possibly get a pretty good deal on a Bryston B60r. (I know Bryston has a relationship with PMC, and figure that means something, but not sure if that means it is necessarily the best match?) She likes most kinds of music, but usually plays it at lower volumes. Any guidance?
If you're looking at Bryston integrateds, I would go for the B135. More powerful and sounds a lot better than the little guy (B60R) It made 2014 TAS Editor's Choice.

The only relationship Bryston has with PMC now, is that PMC is the UK dist. for Bryston. Any other relationships are over.
Hi Mcanaday
I owned a pair of PMC Tb2's years ago and at that time I paired them with a pair Flying Mole class D amps. Very detailed as I remember which was great for audio recording but not so great for listening enjoyment. Fast forward 10 years I currently own a Exposure 2010 S2. The best way I could describe this amp is rhythmic, slightly warm, detailed but very forgiving. Regardless of the source material the Exposure presents it in a very musical manner. The PMC Twenty.21 is very detailed speaker, I think the Bryston will give you great detail and Bass, but may not be as enjoyable as the Exposure 2010 S2. Right now I am pairing the Exposure 2010 S2 with a pair of Dynaudio Focus 110's and it rocks the house. I imagine the Exposure would be a better fit with PMC though.