Help me help my dad build a home theater

I need to help my dad out but don't know a thing about home theater. Please offer advice on used systems for $1,500 and $3,000. My father needs everything but a TV. Actually, he does have 5 so-so speakers so you can offer suggestions at the price points without speakers but it would be great to get some ideas with speakers as well.

The front speakers need to be very small for aesthetics. The TV is only about 10 feet from the listening area. The rear speakers need to be placed higher than the front speakers (Near the ceiling actually) and are about ten feet from the listening area.

He also wants to be able to listen to two channel upstairs and by the pool...he's already wired for it using the Pioneer gear.

Oh yeah, he also needs a tuner because he loves the radio. He's been listening to the same Pioneer stuff he bought in the early 80s!

Thanks guys! Have fun.
I forgot to say that he wants a multiple cd/dvd player.

thanks again
A receiver is required for a tuner (in your price range seperates are not probable). Many good ones but I have recently been impressed with CC demo of Harmon Kardon. Could get entry DVD and Infinity or Polk speaker package . Really inpressed with new Velodyne DSP subwoofer($499) if you can fit in budget.