help me find this artist

Can anybody tell me who sang "wild horses" remake on the Fear soundtrack? I think she has a new song out and i don't know who it is but she's got a great voice.Thanks
the one i know about, assuming you mean the stones song, is by the sundays on the 1992 disc, 'blind.' their last disc was 'static & silence' circa 1997.

looks like there's also a version by michelle malone on her most recent disc.

if the disc you're talking about is the mark wahlberg and reese witherspoon flick circa 1997, it's probably the sundays.

i don't know that they have anything new out, but i'd love to her about it if they do. i saw them the first time in 1990 and she was as amazing live as recorded.
Thanks talmadge3! I'm going to check it out.
The 1st Sundays album is by far their best, jangle pop at its best, conatins hit "here is where the story ends"
2nd album "blind" is OK but not as consistently strong.
I believe lead singer is named Harriet Weaver.

People who like the Sundays will almost certainly like the
1st two Cranberries albums also.
If you like the Cranberries and the Sundays, try listenning to Beth Orton too. Her voice is very sexy.
Digressing, but for those who like this genre: Equation, a british group on Putamayo records has two excellent cd's.
It's actually Harriet "Wheeler." She's also married to the guitarist, David Gavurin. Unlike the Cranberries, the Sundays kept all of their music fairly mellow. And I definitely recommend Beth Orton also.

The first time I saw the Sundays play, in 1990, they only knew the songs on the first disc. And they played 'Can't be sure' a second time as an encore for lack of knowing any other songs. It was amazing.